Video explainers


In the videos below members of the Pathways Advisory Committee and project team at ALIA discuss various aspects of the Framework, its implementation and its development. The videos talk through the Framework and provide ideas and suggestions about how people can engage with it.

ALIA Director of Policy and Education, Trish Hepworth provides an overview of the Framework and its three main component parts, talks about the aims, what it means for you, and what the next steps will be. 

Jane Cowell
ALIA President

Trish Hepworth
ALIA Director of Policy & Education

Philip Kent
Pathways Board Member

Kylie Poulton
Pathways Board Member

Vicki McDonald
Pathways Board Member

Sara Altmann & Kate Davis
Pathways Board Members

Kirsten Thorpe
Pathways Board Member

Julie Barkman
Pathways Board Member

Viv Barton
Pathways Board Member

The ALIA Library and Information Services Workforce Framework Explanatory Materials