The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) Skills, Knowledge and Ethics Framework for the Library and Information Services Workforce was developed in consultation with sector representatives, industry practitioners, educators and with the oversight of a cross-sectoral industry advisory board and the ALIA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Expert Advisory Group. A strong evidence base and abundant cross-sector feedback received through public consultation have guided the refinements and development of the current design.

Pathways Advisory Board    Resources and Research

Sara Altmann & Kate Davis
Pathways Board Members

Viv Barton
Pathways Board Member


The impetus for this project originally came from research and consultation that was part of ALIA’s Future of LIS Education Project in 2019 and an intense period of consultation with over 450 participants and which resulted in the Professional Pathways consultation draft, (2020), the Professional Pathways Summit (2021) and final consultation report (2021). There was consensus that the issues faced were wider than just LIS education, and that a broader project for the LIS profession was needed. 

The Professional Pathways Board was constituted in mid-2021 to provide sector representative strategic oversight. Dr Gillian Hallam was commissioned to research and write the Technical Report (see Resources and Research below), which provided a strong, evidence base that initiated the project development stage. 

Pathways Advisory Board

Sara Altmann

Beatriz Aroche

Julie Barkman

Viv Barton

Adele Casey

Kate Davis

Nicole Hunt

Michael Gonzalez

Robyn Murfet

Kylie Poulton

Ann Ritchie

Sandra Ryan

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Meet the ALIA Team

Trish Hepworth
ALIA Director of Policy & Education

Gilliam Hallam
External Consultant

Dr Lyn Hay
External Consultant

Dr Phoebe Weston-Evans
ALIA Senior Research Coordinator

Resources and Research

The Pathways Project is underpinned by extensive research and significant resources were made available to ensure that the focus groups and consultation phases were thorough and as representative as possible of all library and information sectors and metropolitan, regional and remote locations across all states and territories in Australia.    

Professional Pathways Project Technical Report (full report) March 2022:

Professional Pathways Project Technical Report (overview) March 2022:

The Technical Report, prepared by Dr Gillian Hallam, is a key foundational text for the library and information profession in Australia. Referencing close to 1,000 sources and incorporating extensive stakeholder feedback, the report examines the diverse and often complex issues relating to the education and qualification pathways into the library and information profession.

Professional Pathways Focus Groups Report, May 2022:

Professional Pathways Frameworks Project: Consultation paper, August 2022.

School Libraries Research Project Report, October 2022:

The ALIA Professional Pathways School Libraries Research Project Report was commissioned to explore and address the specialised staffing and continuing professional development needs of school libraries, as identified in the Professional Pathways Technical Report. The research was undertaken and written up by Dr Lyn Hay.

Professional Pathways Consultation Phase One Report, February 2023.

Professional Pathways Phase Two Consultation Paper, May 2023:

The ALIA Library and Information Services Workforce Framework Explanatory Materials