Active Professionalism

Active Professionalism connects all the elements of the Framework through the professional mindset and the behavioural skills that are critical for the successful application of the Core and Professional Knowledge Domains in the workplace. 

Active Professionalism stresses the importance of positive and productive interactions with colleagues and clients and an ongoing commitment to lifelong learning. 

It is expected that people engaged in library and information services in Australia maintain currency of professional knowledge and practice and uphold professional standards and values, through:

  • the understanding and application of moral, cultural, ethical principles and legal responsibilities involved in the provision of library and information services to individuals and communities
  • advocacy for the library and information profession
  • active contribution to society by sharing specialist knowledge and expertise as a library and information professional 
  • membership of and participation in ALIA as well as other professional associations, as appropriate to the individual’s specialisation
  • commitment to undertaking formal and informal continuing professional development activities to build knowledge and skills
  • professional certification through the relevant ALIA CPD specialisation
  • mentoring and coaching activities 
  • research and publishing in the professional literature

It is expected that people engaged in library and information services in Australia cultivate and apply strong behavioural skills to successfully interact with others in the workplace and to contribute to a positive and productive work environment, through:

  • self-awareness and self-management
  • communication skills
  • interpersonal skills
  • relationship building
  • collaboration
  • empathy
  • conflict resolution
  • intellectual curiosity, flexibility and adaptability
  • critical reflective practice
  • creative and positive thinking
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • resilience
  • enthusiasm for lifelong learning and new roles

The ALIA Library and Information Services Workforce Framework Explanatory Materials