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ALIA Awards

Each year the ALIA community recognises excellence in professional practice and research within the field of library and information management.

We offer a range of awards, grants and scholarships that celebrate the achievements of our Members and you can find out more about past recipients on the ALIA Honours BoardA-F, G-M, and N-Z

If you have any questions regarding the nomination process, please contact us via [email protected] or call 02 6215 8222.

Australian Honours

To recognise the work of outstanding peers and their contribution to the library and information sector, the ALIA Board of Directors encourages members of the Association to put forward nominations for the Australian Honours Awards. The Order of Australia recognises Australians for outstanding service or exceptional achievement. 

Everyone that is recognised is nominated by someone in the community. This means we all have the ability to recognise someone for their hard-work and service. It also means that it is up to all of us to ensure our national awards system represents our diversity - across gender, cultural backgrounds and categories of endeavour. The Governor-General of Australia has written to us and we are working with his Office to both raise awareness of the Order of Australia and improve its diversity.

It only takes a few moments of your time to nominate someone exceptional. To start, click here.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Scholarship

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and Charles Sturt University (CSU) offer a scholarship to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and South Sea Islander students planning a career in Library and Information Science (LIS) comme

ALIA NT Recognition Award

The ALIA NT Recognition Awards are an annual merit prize which celebrates and recognizes the work of a team or individual working in any sector of the library and information profession in the Northern Territory. There are two awards reflecting the u


Recognising the attainment of an exceptionally high standard of proficiency in library and information science and a distinguished contribution to the theory or practice of library and information science.

Redmond Barry Award

Honouring outstanding contribution to the library and information services sector by an individual who is not eligible for associate or library technician membership.

Twila Ann Janssen Herr Research Award for Disability Services

A biennial award up to $5000 that aims to encourage an early career LIS practitioner to investigate and research the potential for further development of Australian services for people with a disability.

Silver Pin

Recognising ALIA Members who have served for five terms (five years) on ALIA committees.

ALIA Des Tellis Australian Geoscience Information Association Grant

This grant is for research, knowledge-sharing or the development of tools and resources related to geoscience information and data management in Australia.

Queensland Library Achiever of the Year Award

The Queensland Library Achiever of the Year Award is an annual merit prize.

South Australian Library & Information Awards (SALIAs)

Launched in 2023, the SALIAs is an annual merit prize which celebrates and recognises the work of an individual working in any sector of the library and information profession in South Australia. The award aims to promote innovation and excellence

Marjorie Cotton Award

Promoting the role and image of librarians providing library services for young people.

Metcalfe Award

Recognising high achievement by a personal financial member in their first five years of practice in libraries and information services.

Student Awards

Recognising students for excellence in their studies.

Library Technician of the Year Award

This award promotes the role of library technicians in library and information science, and the role and image of the library technician.

Research Grant Award

A biennial award up to $10,000 open to library practitioners and early career LIS researchers who are members of ALIA.

Bess Thomas Award

Encouraging and supporting the development of innovative and significant public library services to young people.

Anne Harrison Award

Commemorating Anne Harrison, the award is available in alternate years for research or education in health librarianship.

HLA/Telstra Health Digital Health Innovation Award

Showcasing innovative projects which, through the use of health informatics or web technologies, contribute to or support improved health outcomes.

HCL Anderson Award

Honouring outstanding achievement within the library and information services sector by an associate member.

Charlotte Henry Study Grant

An annual grant of up to $5000 for an ALIA Member who is studying for a Masters qualification in library and information science through an ALIA accredited education provider.

F A Sharr Award

The F A Sharr Award is presented to a Western Australian librarian or library technician in their first three years post graduation who exhibits the most potential to make a significant contribution to the library profession in WA.

ALIA Research Grants

Applying for a research grant?

Applicants must read the ethics guide and consider whether an ethics application is necessary for their proposed research.


Application for ethics approval

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How to write a research proposal

Research project guide for practitioners

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Previous Awards and Past Award Winners

If you are seeking information about previous awards and past winners, please refer to this document.

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