Library and Information Week

Library and Information Week 2022 will be held on the week of 25-31 July.

The 2022 theme is to be announced soon.

2021 theme - Adventures in Space and Time

Libraries and information services are places of adventure. People who connect with them take a journey, whether it's in search of specific information, serendipitous browsing through vast collections, or coming together with others to learn something new.

They can be an adventures in space, from sending actual books to a space station and hearing an astronaut read to over a million children in Australia, to exploring and meeting in new, innovative and inspiring building spaces and learning about other places around the world (and beyond). They alre also online spaces , where we can interact virtually to stay connected to information and each other at times when we need to stay physically distant.

They can also be adventures in time, where we revisit the past, connecting with stories and memories of those who came before us, or imagine the future, exploring new ideas for making a better society to live in, creating new knowledge for future generations, and making plans for your own personal or professional future.

So, this week, connect with your libraries, and take an adventure - in space and time!


Monday: Careers Day

Careers in the library and information sector may not be what you'd first expect. Library and information professionals work in many different areas of society, including schools and universities, cultural institutions, hospitals, law firms, community organisations and all levels of government. If you love helping people, have a careful eye for detail, are a good problem-solver, and are as confident in the digital world as the physical, then a career in the library and information sector may be what you are looking for.

Through this day, we will be sharing career advice, information on study pathways, and stories from many fascinating careers across the sector. You can interact on social media, and ask career questions to a thriving online community of library and information professionals. Keep an eye on the #LIScareers hashtag on Twitter to stay connected to these conversations.

There will also be a lunchtime Employer Pitch online session, where you can hear from library employers about the jobs that they are offering and the kinds of people that they are looking for. If you can't attend on the day, the session will also be recorded for future viewing.

Tuesday: Library Technicians' Day

Have you heard of library technicians? They are professionally trained library workers who make up a substantial and valued part of the library workforce. Learn more about courses available to become a qualified library technician.

Follow the #LibTechDay hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to see who they are, and learn more about what they do. 

Wednesday: National Simultaneous Storytime

On one day of the year, libraries all over Australia read one book together with over a million children combined. This year, that book is Give me some Space! which we have sent on a rocket to space, and will be read in a special event from the International Space Station. To learn more about this event, see the National Simultaneous Storytime page, and follow the #NSS2021 hashtag to see how libraries around Australia are celebrating.

Thursday: Fundraising Day

Today, ALIA encourages libraries around Australia fundraise for a charity of their choice following the tradition from previous years of participating in the Cancer Council's Biggest Morning Tea. Whether it be a morning tea, dress-up day, or something else - look out for your local library fundraiser, and dig deep.

Friday: Join ALIA Day

Founded in 1937, Australian Library and Information Association is the national professional organisation for the library and information services sector in Australia. On this day, we celebrate all of the achievements of ALIA and its many Members through what has been a very challenging previous 12 months. ALIA has continued to support its Members through the pandemic, and sustained its regular services, including professional development and training programs, advocacy and lobbying on key issues, delivering high quality industry conferences, and producing its main publications, INCITE and the Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association. ALIA's Members also contribute to the sector, through involvement with advisory committees, specialist groups, and local networking committees.

Membership of ALIA is open to everyone: library and information professionals, professionals from other disciplines, people working in the sector, people who share our values, libraries, library suppliers and other stakeholders. We welcome anyone with an interest in libraries and information management. To join, go to ALIA's membership page.

What is Library and Information Week?

This is the week where we celebrate the work that library and information workers do all around Australia.

Every year, libraries and information services throughout Australia showcase their resources and services to their communities, through programs and events. Whether it's a library in your school, community, university, hospitals, cultural or law institutions, this week is an opportunity to learn more about what they do and the important roles they play in our local community, work and personal lives.

This week was first celebrated in 1968 as Australian Library Week, organised by the Australian Library Promotion Council. After the Council folded in the late 1980s, the Australian Library and Information association took responsibility for the week, and it was eventually changed to Library and Information Week in 2000, to reflect and build awareness of the broader range of the library and information services sector, and promote all types of library and information services in Australia.

Previous Library and Information Week themes have included:

  • 2023 – Where's the source?
  • 2022 – Rewrite, Renew, Reimagine
  • 2021 – Adventures in Space and Time
  • 2020 – Create
  • 2019 – Truth, Integrity, Knowledge
  • 2018 – Find yourself in a library
  • 2017 – Celebrate
  • 2016 – Discover More
  • 2015 – Imagine
  • 2014 – Join the Dots
  • 2013 – Share your story
  • 2012 – Think Outside the Book
  • 2011 – Libraries: We Find Stuff!
  • 2010 – Access All Areas
  • 2009 – Libraries your passport to discovery!
  • 2008 – Libraries are for Everyone
  • 2007 – Linking People with Ideas
  • 2006 – Linking People with Ideas @your library
  • 2005 – Posters themes: 'feeding hungry young minds', 'most user friendly search engine', 'what's on your librarians mind?'
  • 2004 – Down and Loaded
  • 2003 – Power your Mind
  • 2002 – Libraries Change Lives
  • 2001 – Libraries Information Matters and Libraries Knowledge Outlook
  • 2000 – Here for the Long Run
  • 1999 – Libraries: Explore and Discover
  • 1998 – Pathways to Knowledge
  • 1997 – Libraries: a Web of Information
  • 1996 – Reading the future
  • 1995 – Destination Information