We're back - campaign toolkit for Australian libraries

To support those Australian libraries that are reopening, we have launched this campaign with the following goals:

  • To provide Australian libraries with communications material for engaging with their communities as they reopen.
  • To gather qualitative data from library users around the value of libraries during the COVID-19 crisis.

This toolkit is for general use by Australian libraries. For public libraries, see our campaign toolkit that is specifically branded for Australian public libraries.

How to run the campaign

We have prepared the following guidelines, with instructions on how you can use the resources (linked below) to engage your library users with the campaign, both within the library space, and through your online communications:

How to run the campaign (Word file, 300KB)


We can also provide the working files for those libraries who need to add branding and ensure that their communications meet their in-house style. Email us at advocacy@alia.org.au and we can make arrangements to send the files directly.

Decorative bunting - for library displays We're Back - bunting (PDF, 950KB)
Poster - for library displays We're back - A3 Poster (PDF, 528KB)

Flyer - to print and invite library users to fill out

A5 flyer - single (PDF, 180KB)
A5 flyer - 2-up (PDF, 324KB)
Template media release - to promote the campaign through local media Template - media release (Word file, 300KB) 
Social media resources - to promote the campaign through social media

We're back - Facebook frame (PNG, 350KB)

We're back - Social Media tile (JPG, 290KB)

Webpage banner - to display on the library's website

We're back - Webpage banner (JPG, 170KB)