SDG toolkit

How you can be part of the Sustainable Development Goals movement


1. Find out more about the SDGs and libraries

You will find background reading on the UNIFLA  and ALIA websites. These web pages will explain the genesis of the Sustainable Development Goals and how libraries around the world and in Australia are contributing to their delivery.

2.  Hold an SDG workshop for your library team

ALIA hosted Our Global Future, a summit for library leaders from Australia and the Asia-Pacific, in July 2018, on the Gold Coast.  As a result of this, we have a list of ideas for how to promote SDGs in libraries.

Here are some useful materials to help you host your own event, including the workshop resources and presentations prepared by Dr Gillian Hallam for the ALIA SDG Summit. You can use some of the SDG ideas (above) as conversation-starters.

And this is the link to the SDG logos, posters and other communication materials you may need. 

3. Generate your own stories

You will find plenty of stories about how your library is supporting the SDGs and it is relatively easy to produce your own report. You can adapt the ALIA template designed for public libraries and use the IFLA Storytelling Manual as your guide.

As examples, ALIA developed a national report,  Australian libraries support the Sustainable Development Goals, and Victorian public libraries produced Share your stories with the world. Download the document here.

4. Share your stories with the wider library community

You can publish your stories on your website and promote them via social media using the #SDGs hashtage. You can also upload your stories to the IFLA Library Map of the World, either direct or by sending them through ALIA.

5. Advocate for the SDGs in your organisation

ALIA and the Australian Public Library Alliance put together a simple three-step way for public libraries to show leadership, which can be adopted for other sectors (please note, the survey is now closed). Download the document here.