Russell Cope

Russell Cope MA PhD FLAA

  • Fellowship conferred 1968

Russell Leslie David Cope received his education at the University of Sydney. He has been a member of the Library Association of Australia since 1950 and was elected a professional member in 1960. His career in librarianship has been in the New South Wales Parliamentary Library, culminating in his appointment in 1963 as librarian of the Parliament of New South Wales.

The Board of Examiners is satisfied that, particularly though not exclusively as New South Wales Parliamentary librarian, Mr Cope has made a distinguished contribution to both the theory and practice of librarianship, such as well merits the award of the Fellowship of the Library Association of Australia. From the Board's own observations and from reports which have come to it, the Board is of the opinion that, in the area of practice, Mr Cope has effected a transformation of the library service rendered to members of the New South Wales Legislature and that his efforts in this direction go well beyond what might properly have been expected of a librarian in his position.

The opinion is borne out by a study of the series of reference monographs which the library has published under Mr Cope's direction. It is strongly supported by a more substantial publication, Library Services to the Legislature brings together papers submitted by librarians in Canada, Great Britain, India, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States of America and Australia. In a foreword to this book, the Honourable the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales refers to it an 'a unique contribution to the study of Parliamentary librarianship'. The Board concurs with this opinion. Beyond his immediate interests as Parliamentary librarian, Mr Cope has developed a considerable expertise in the bibliography of Government publications within the School of Librarianship of the University of New South Wales. He has recently convened a committee of General Council on Government publication.

Mr Cope's writing is not restricted to Parliamentary librarianship or Government publications. He has, in addition, used his linguistic ability to considerable effect in studies on Soviet libraries and bibliographic endeavor. Two papers in this field have appeared in the Australian Library Journal. The Board of Examiners commends Russell Leslie David Cope, Master of Arts, Associate of the Library Association of Australia, to Council as a distinguished colleague, whose contributions to practice may be said to have set a new standard in the area of his specialty and whose writings display both an impressive spread of interests and a high level of knowledge and ability. It is the unanimous recommendation of the Board that the distinction of Fellow of the Library Association of Australia be conferred upon him.