Rae Else-Mitchell

Mr Justice Rae Else-Mitchell

  • Redmond Barry Award, 1986

Incite vol. 7, no. 9, 6 June 1986, p. 8

The LAA has awarded the Redmond Barry Award to Mr Justice Rae Else-Mitchell, Chairman of the Commonwealth Grants Commission. 

Mr Justice Else-Mitchell has been awarded the Redmond Barry Award in recognition of 25 years' distinguished service to the library profession.

Mr Justice Else-Mitchell was a member of the Trustees of the Public Library on NSW from 1961-69 and a member of the subsequent Council of the Library of NSW from 1969-75 during which time he became its Deputy President.  In March 1975 he was appointed as a member of the Library Council of NSW and served as its President until his resignation in 1979. He was also a member of the Archives Authority in NSW in 1974-75. Mr Justice Else-Mitchell served three terms as a member of the National Library of Australia Council from 1974-84. He was Chairman of the Council's Canberra Public Library Service Committee from 1975-81 and been Chairman of the Canberra Public Library Service Advisory Committee since that date.

Mr Justice Else-Mitchell has also had a very extensive concurrent involvement in Australian Historical Societies as President of Royal Australian Historical Society from 1970-77 and as President of the Federation of Australian Historical Societies since 1977. This expertise has been of particular value in his involvement with the affairs of the Mitchell Library and the National Library of Australia. He has been Chairman of the Commonwealth Grants Commission since October 1974.