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INCITE is the premier magazine for the library and information sector in Australia. It is distributed to all ALIA Members and to subscribers around the world.

ISSN 0158-0876 (print), 2202-347X (online)


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Digital only INCITE

As announced in 2018, some issues of INCITE each year will be produced in a freely available digital only format. In 2020, the May/June, July/August and November/December issues will be digital only. Furthermore, one article from each print issue is freely available online.


September/October - Professional Growth. Article: 'Towards culturally safe libraries' by Lesley Acres and Aimee Said.
July/August - Digital freedoms. Full issue (PDF, 17MB).
May/June - Create. Full issue (PDF, 20MB).
March/April - Leadership. Article:  'Leading a greener library' by Katalin Mindum. (PDF, 990KB).
January/February - Critical Librarianship. Article: 'The discussion we need to have: social justice and freedom of speech' by Jane Cowell and Roxanne Missingham (PDF, 100KB).


November/December - Digital inclusion. Full issue (PDF, 45MB). Digital supplement (PDF, 5MB)
September/October - Campaign slogans. Article: 'Renew Our Libraries' by ALIA President Robert Knight OAM (PDF, 286KB)
July/August - What binds us together. Article: 'Let's Work Together For Sustainability', a Q&A with incoming IFLA President, Christine MacKenzie (PDF, 243KB)
May/June - Industry innovation. Full issue (PDF, 20MB). Special libraries digital supplement (PDF, 3.11MB)
March/April - Indigenous matters. Article: 'Serving users in Central Australia' by Melissa Raymond, Lynn Day, and Amanda Bethel-Donaldson (PDF, 385KB)
January/February - State of Australian libraries. Article: 'More copyright reform for libraries in 2019' by Jessica Coates (PDF, 670KB).


November/December - The library of things. Full issue (PDF, 17MB)
May/June - International affairs. Full issue (PDF, 178MB) and also requires Adobe Flash (available for free) for full interactivity. iBooks version (EPUB, 211MB) - note that the use of other ereading applications may result in an altered user experience.

Write for INCITE 

Ideas for articles are always welcome. Email the editor with your idea or story lead. Please read the guidelines on how to submit to INCITE and below is a list of our 2020 features and copy deadlines. We have also created a submission checklist that we recommend that contributors consult before sending their submissions.

We welcome submissions from ALIA Members and staff belonging to Institutional Member organisations, along with content from invited guest contributors (articles by non members may be published at the discretion of the editor).

INCITE 2020 features and submission deadlines

Digital Issue 11/12 Nov/Dec: Submissions due 15 September 2020  Theme: Calling for change 

This will be ALIA's third digital only issue of INCITE for the year.

Like the rest of the world, the library and information profession is constantly changing and how we deal with that change makes a great different to library users. For this issue we are looking for stories about how you have responded to calls for change or how you’ve stayed ahead of the game, innovating and initiating change before it is called for. Let us know about an example of how you have campaigned to change something about your workplace or share how you’ve managed to challenge expectations within your community.

INCITE 2021 features and submission deadlines

January/February: Submissions due 17 November 2020  Theme: Qualifications

This issue will explore how our qualifications define the work that we do – especially for those who are qualified library technicians, allied professionals, or those with flexible skills who have proven themselves to be competent library workers. Similarly, LIS qualifications may help or hinder opportunities outside the library sector. This is your opportunity to share how you overcome biases based on qualifications, or lack thereof, and best demonstrate value as specialists in the workplace.

Digital issue March/April: Submissions due 19 January 2021 Theme: Education

ALIA President Viv Barton has set her presidential theme as Education, and in this issue, we will look at the relationship between libraries and education. As places of education, libraries operate in tandem (or intersect) with the work of educators. We want to hear about how your libraries educate communities, helping people pursue lifelong learning, and guide them in identifying and managing misinformation and disinformation. As a professional field, we should consider how we continue to educate library workers, through accredited LIS education and through ongoing PD programs.

May/June: Submissions due 8 March 2021 Theme: Open Space 

Library spaces – be they physical or virtual – are where communities come together and connect with the library’s collections and services. For many librarians, the idea of these spaces being ‘open’ is an important one, whether it be in creating physical access for all, or removing online barriers to digital content. This issue will tie in with themes for the ALIA National Simultaneous Storytime, and celebrate the winners of the ALIA Library Design Awards, announced at the Changing Spaces conference in March

Digital issue July/August: Submissions due 18 May 2021  Theme: I Believe

Whilst the library and information profession is often centred around fundamental principles, in practice, these can often come at odds with one another. This issue will explore the ideological principles that libraries, their practitioners and communities adhere to - whether they be political, cultural, religious or otherwise. It will be an opportunity to consider how we manage conflict in these areas, and how we can support one another in practising what we preach.

September/October: Copy due 13 July 2021 Theme: Imagining the Future

It’s that age-old job interview question that everybody hates: Where do you see yourself five or ten years from now? This issue will invite people to imagine the future of libraries and the library profession: the opportunities the future hold for LIS practice, education and research. Technological changes will also have an impact, whether it’s the often-predicted ‘death’ of the print book or, perhaps, Second Life making a comeback. We want to hear your predictions.

Digital Issue Nov/Dec: Copy due 21 September 2021  Theme: Risk 

Whilst there are many who consider libraries to be largely risk-averse as a sector, there are also those who look to library and information professionals as potential innovators and changemakers. Whether it be in pursuing radical change, banking on different technology or pursuing unpopular ideas, there is always an element of risk, either to the individual or the organisation, whether financial or reputational. But even doing nothing has an element of risk – what do you choose?

Advertise in INCITE

INCITE is read by library and information professionals nationally and internationally. It is consistently identified by our members as one of the key benefits and resources provided through their membership of ALIA, with 5,000 paid copies distributed of every edition and a readership of over 20,000 across all sectors and interests in the profession. INCITE readers look to the magazine for accurate, informative reports on the latest news and events in the library world, and are keen to know about the latest products and services relevant to their industry.

Every edition is published in hard copy and online. INCITE can help you connect directly with Australia’s library and information professionals. 

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