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INCITE magazine

INCITE is the premier magazine for the library and information sector in Australia. It is distributed to all ALIA Members and to subscribers around the world.

The May/June 2018 issue has been produced as a digital only edition in interactive pdf and epub3 formats. You can download the issue for free now.

ISSN 0158-0876 (print), 2202-347X (online)


ALIA Members can access the latest full editions and back issues of INCITE via our Member Centre.
A searchable database of old issues of INCITE is available here through AustLII.

Digital only INCITE

The May/June and November/December 2018 issues of INCITE will be digital only editions of INCITE. You can see ALIA CEO Sue McKerracher's announcement of this in the 2018 March/April issue.

The May/June 2018 issue has been produced as a digital only edition in interactive pdf and epub3 formats.

The interactive pdf version of digital INCITE is best read on Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for free) and requires Adobe Flash (available for free) for full interactivity.

If your device cannot run Adobe Acrobat or Flash, we’ve also created an epub3 version of the magazine. This version has been designed for reading through iBooks and the use of other ereading applications may result in an altered user experience.

(Please note: The May/June Issue of INCITE is approximately 200 MB in size and may take a few minutes to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection)

Write for INCITE 

Ideas for articles are always welcome. Email the editor with your idea or story lead. You will find guidelines on how to submit to INCITE here and below is a list of our 2018 features and copy deadlines.

We welcome submissions from ALIA Members and staff belonging to Institutional Member organisations, along with content from invited guest contributors (articles by non members may be published at the discretion of the editor).

INCITE 2018 features and copy deadlines

Issue 1/2 Jan/Feb: Copy due 14 November 2017  Theme: Advocate for Libraries 

ALIA loves advocacy and running campaigns to get things done. We look at the success of the Cooking for Copyright campaign and at the opportunities after 1 Jan 2019, when all the unpublished works become available. Copyright is just one issue - we would love to hear what your library has been advocating for and how you are taking steps to achieve it. You might have some internal advocacy underway - are you trying to convince your CEO of a program or initiative that you want to see realised? Have you been successful and how have your plans been realised? Tell us your stories.

Issue 3/4 Mar/Apr: Copy due 16 January 2017  Theme: Libraries in the post truth society 

Discussions about fake news have led to a new focus on media literacy more broadly and the role of libraries and other educational institutions providing assistance. Librarians have long been taught to help users find and understand the information they need. Yellow journalism isn't new - so tell us how your library helps to inform -  what tools have you found useful? Did you contribute to Wikipedia's #1lib1ref (One Librarian, One Reference). How have you helped overcome the altfacts phenomenon in your communities?

Digital Issue 5/6 May/Jun: Copy due 20 March 2018  Theme: International affairs 

This will be ALIA's first digital only issue of INCITE and will be produced as an interactive pdf with an epub3 version also available.

Is there a global vision for libraries? IFLA thinks so and so does ALIA.  How can libraries shape the international agenda on the issues that matter to us? ALIA is working on the Sustainable Development Goals helping develop and implement strategies to achieve those which are relevant to the LIS sector. For example: promoting literacy; closing gaps in information needs; providing delivery sites for Government programs and services; advancing digital inclusion by providing ICT, serving the research and academic community and preserving culture and heritage.  How is your library serving as a partner to meet these goals?

Issue 7/8 Jul/Aug: Copy due 15 May 2018  Theme: Reach out 

The library has long been a place where everyone is welcome. How do you serve specific groups in your community - such as refugees, people with disabilities, those with English as a second language, LGBTQIA, students from overseas, people needing remote access, seniors, and the mentally ill. Tell us how your library service responds to these needs or how the ideas of critical librarianship have been explored in your workplace. Are you a librarian activist advocating on behalf of one of these groups? How do you balance different groups' needs? Have you changed opening hours or relaxed library protocols to make accommodation? Let us know your stories.

Issue 9/10 Sep/Oct: Copy due 17 July 2018  Theme: Lifelong learning 

It's a great way to stay in touch, increase competencies and further develop your networks. Professional development is an important part of the range of ways ALIA supports its membership, and PD can be incorporated into your everyday working lives. We talk to ALIA mentors and mentees about the benefits of continuous rebooting. How do you keep your skills and learning up to date? Tell us how you manage the balance between competing demands. 

Digital Issue 11/12 Nov/Dec: Copy due 18 September 2018  Theme: The library of things 

This will be ALIA's second digital only issue of INCITE.

So the share economy is a new concept? No. Libraries have been sharing things forever. There's a lot of new non-traditional collections driven by community demand, or perhaps your library lends something unusual needed by the community it serves. We want to hear about those collections or the new ways your community can collaborate at the library. Perhaps it's the loan of a music study to create a song, sound equipment to create a podcast, seeds to create a garden or medical know-how to save a life. We want to hear how your library is bucking tradition.

Advertise in INCITE

INCITE is read by library and information professionals nationally and internationally. It is consistently identified by our members as one of the key benefits and resources provided through their membership of ALIA, with 5,000 paid copies distributed of every edition and a readership of over 20,000 across all sectors and interests in the profession. INCITE readers look to the magazine for accurate, informative reports on the latest news and events in the library world, and are keen to know about the latest products and services relevant to their industry.

Every edition is published in hard copy and online. INCITE can help you connect directly with Australia’s library and information professionals. 

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