Support for our colleagues in Myanmar

Librarians and Library educators in Myanmar have made an extraordinary contribution to literacy, sustainable development and access to information to support education, industry and civil society.

The move to military government has led to restrictions on the internet, limited access to institutions and civil disobedience.  Our colleagues in Myanmar have been deeply affected by the situation. Libraries and library educators are affected by the restrictions and closures of various institutions.  They will be at the head of rebuilding the nation.

I have passed on the support of ALIA and colleagues in Australia to the library community in Myanmar. They appreciate the messages provided and remain committed to supporting access to knowledge and civil society. We call for the government to ensure that library education and libraries are able to operate in line with international professional standards and that staff are able to be safe in serving their mission

Our ongoing support to colleagues in Myanmar is highly valued. I encourage you to reach out to any colleagues you have in Myanmar and am happy to pass on messages of support.

Roxanne Missingham, Member, ALIA International Relations Advisory Committee

Wednesday 24 February 2021 12:00pm