Update to the book industry agreement on copyright for virtual storytimes

The Australian Library and Information Association, Australian Publishers Association and Australian Society of Authors made an industry agreement at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, which gave libraries in Australia assurance that they could livestream and record storytimes using children’s picture books for the period of the WHO-declared pandemic without being called out for breach of copyright.  

The industry agreement will extend until 31 December 2020, meaning that it will continue to be the policy of the Australian Publishers Association and the Australian Society of Authors that its members allow libraries to conduct virtual storytimes without any need for specific permission or payment. However, some publishers are now restricting their participation to livestreamed storytimes only, and others have introduced reporting requirements. Please check the publishers’ websites for their individual terms.


ALIA has the following information from publisher websites (current at 22 September 2020).

Tuesday 22 September 2020 3:15pm