Latest Australian public library statistics

Canberra, Friday 24 February, 2017:  The annual Australian public libraries' statistical report for 2014-15 has been published.

Compiled by the State Library of Queensland's Regional Access and Public Libraries division on behalf of the National and State Libraries Australasia, the report is an overview of the services, infrastructure, income and expenditure of each state and territory's public libaries.
In 2014-15:
  • Australia had 1,631 public library service points and outlets with 1,392 branches, 77 mobiles and 162 other outlets
  • over 166.7 million items were lent to 8.2 million members of Australia’s public libraries
  • over 114 million customers visited, or more than 9.5 million per month
  • over 38 million items were made available for the use of the community and over $130 million was spent on ensuring that these collections remain up to date and relevant
  • total expenditure on public libraries increased to over $1.14 billion, representing a 19.6% increase since 2010-2011
  • over 194,000 library programs were attended by more than 5.8 million people.

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Friday 24 February 2017 6:15pm