ALIA submission - Smart Cities Plan

Canberra, Thursday 15 December, 2016: The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) has made a submission to the Smart Cities Plan.

ALIA's submission can found here and on the Federal Government's website.

ALIA noted that public libraries have an important role to play in the Smart Cities vision:

  • Libraries as hubs for urban development
  • Libraries as technology hotspots
  • Libraries supporting business and enterprise
  • Libraries providing lifelong learning opportunities

The submission states that by investing in libraries, governments are investing in smarter communities where everyone has access to the internet and new technologies; to leisure, work and study spaces; to learning programs; to books, film, music, news media, journals, electronic databases, and to the expert guidance of library and information professionals. And all these services are not confined to our capital cities. There are some 1500 public libraries across Australia delivering $2.90 in community benefits for every dollar invested.

To showcase public libraries' contribution to innovation and creativity in Australia's communities, ALIA produced this fact sheet - 10 ways that libraries power smart cities - to showcase public libraries contribution to their communities.


Thursday 15 December 2016 10:45am