Jean Conochie

Jean Conochie MBE BSc FLAA

Jean Athola Conochie was educated at the University of Western Australia. She entered librarianship in 1946 and was elected a professional member of the Library Association of Australia in 1952.

As in the case of other colleagues whom the Board has felt it to be not merely proper, but its duty, to recommend to Council as worthy of the Fellowship, there is no substantive corpus of published evidence to support the claims of Jean A Conochie.

On the other hand, the Board is quite satisfied both in its own mind and as a result of its investigations that, in three separate respects, Miss Conochie has contributed notably to the practice of our profession in Australia. It is in no doubt that these contributions could be described as distinguished.

In the first place, there is a substantial body of opinion in Australia that Jean Conochie's personal contribution to the production of Scientific Serials in Australian Libraries has far outweighed what might properly have been required by her employers.

In the second place, the Board wishes unanimously to record the value to Australian librarianship of Miss Conochie's constructive service as a member of the Board. It is no accident that she should have been re-elected to it after her first term of service, and her wide variety of competence and experience has been of first importance at a time of change and development in the pattern of education for librarianship in Australia.

Finally, the Board has become aware of the extent to which Miss Conochie's advice is sought be many people in the State of Victoria on a wide range of professional matters.

The Board has no hesitation in commending Jean Athola Conochie to Council as a member of the Association who, in this variety of ways, has made a distinguished personal contribution to the practice of librarianship in Australia. It recommends that she is well worthy of the honour of the Association's Fellowship.

HCL Anderson awarded 1985

inCite vol 6, no. 7, 17 May 1985, p. 1.

The LAA is to confer the H.C.L. Anderson Award upon Miss Jean Conochie, Principal Librarian, Bibliographical Services at CSIRO.

The HCL. Anderson Award may be conferred on a professional member of the Association who has rendered outstanding service to librarianship or to the library profession in Australia, or to the theory and practice of librarianship.

Jean Conochie entered librarianship in 1946 with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and has remained with the CSIRO throughout her working life.

Miss Conochie enjoys an international reputation as a serials cataloguer and bibliographer. She edited Scientific Serials in Australian Libraries (SSAL) from 1960 until December 1984 during which time the number of serial titles recorded rose from 25,000 to 60,000. The value of this publication to librarians and the users of scientific and technical literature held in Australian libraries has been incalculable. It is conservatively estimated that SSAL has been consulted throughout Australia for not less than 2,500 records each working day, or 375,000 records each year.

Miss Conochie has been responsible for cataloguing standards across the entire CSIRO library network, and for the ongoing compilation of the CSIRO union catalogue, a tool heavily used by technical libraries. Her handbook, You Name It! Helpful Hints for Editors and Publishers of Journals, Reports and other Serial Publications which was published by AACOBS in 1979, has been used as a model for similar publications in Canada and South Africa.

Jean Conochie has also played an active and prominent part in the affairs of the Library Association of Australia. She was a member of its Board of Examiners from 1966-1972, holding the position of Deputy Chairman from 1970-1972. She has been a member of numerous other Association committees, including Continuing Education (1973-1974), Cataloguing (1968-1972), Editorial (1968-1970), and the Biennial Conference Committee (1974-1975). In addition, she has been a member of the Victorian Branch Council and both the Secretary (1961-1963) and President (1975-1976) of the Special Libraries Section. She has represented the Association at overseas conferences, and was accorded the distinction of Fellow of the Association in 1967.

She has also been an active member of AACOBS and was a member of its Working Party on Bibliography from its inception in 1974 until 1983.

Miss Conochie has had a lifelong interest in professional education and frequently lectures at library schools. She was awarded an MBE for services to science in 1978.

Jenny Adams
Executive Director