Janet Hine

Janet Hine BA FLAA

  • ALIA Fellowship 1970

Janet Dora Hine received her education in New South Wales and graduated Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney. She completed the qualifying examination of the Australian Institute of Librarians in 1948 and is thus a long standing professional member of the Association.

Since 1941 Miss Hine has been a member of the staff of the Library of New South Wales. From 1954 to 1957 she represented that library as its liaison office in London, from 1958 to 1964 she was Dixson librarian and William Dixson Foundation officer and in 1964 she became deputy head cataloguer. On the retirement of Miss Jean Arnot in 1968, Miss Hine was appointed head cataloguer.

Miss Hine's contribution to Australian librarianship has take three forms; as a cataloguer of distinction, as an active participant in the Association's affairs and as a notable contributor to the quality and success of the major journals of Australian librarianship and archives.

As a cataloguer, Miss Hine has worthily upheld the high tradition of her employing library. Again in accord with this tradition, to which she has herself contributed considerably, she has demonstrated leadership among Australian cataloguers, serving as a member and later as convener of the Association's Cataloguing Committee and as a member of the AACOBS Advisory Panel on Central Cataloguing. She took a prominent part in the establishment of the Sydney Cataloguers' Group, which has proved a very effective medium for communication across the barriers of type and size of library.

During her long service in the Mitchell and Dixson libraries within the Library of New South Wales, Miss Hine's contribution to librarianship and to its recognition by others is well-enough documented to establish it outstanding quality. The unique chronological classification she devised for the Dixson Library was the subject of an article by Miss Hine in the Australian Library Journal. The double mention, in editor's preface and publisher's notes, of Miss Hine's contribution to Macartney's extension of Morris Miller's Australian Literature must surely be an unusual tribute to a working librarian. Her name is to be found also among the list of contributors to the Australian Dictionary of Biography.

With regard to formal service to the Association, apart from her work on the Cataloguing Committee, Miss Hine was treasurer of the New South Wales Branch in 1962 and secretary from 1963 to 1966. Beyond this, however, the Board has been made aware that Miss Hine has made a considerable contribution behind the scenes to the smooth running and development of the Association.

Finally there is Miss Hine's work in and for the Australian Library Journal and Archives and Manuscripts. In this connection the Board holds in high regard the indexes compiled by Miss Hine, in part with the collaboration of Miss Murray. By reason of their careful design and meticulous accuracy Miss Hine's indexes stand both as models for, and as excellent advertisements of, our profession.

In addition, Miss Hine has contributed articles and letters to the Journal and has conducted, with marked success, a regular feature entitled Recent Reference Books.

The Board of Examiners unanimously commends Janet Dora Hine, Bachelor of Arts, Associate of the Library Association of Australia, to Council as a distinguished cataloguer, an active supporter of the objectives of the Association and an author and indexer whose work reflects great credit on the profession of librarianship.

The Board believes that Miss Hine can be held to have made a distinguished contribution to the practice of librarianship in Australia and it recommends that she be invited to the distinction of Fellow of the Library Association of Australia.