Holger Aman

Holger Aman BA (UQ), MInfoTech (LibInfoSci) (QUT), AALIA (CP)

Metcalfe Award 2015 citation

Holger Aman has been an active Member of ALIA from the start of his career. He has served on committees, presented at conferences, written articles for INCITE, produced blog posts and contributed to the Association’s social media presence.

Holger became the co-ordinator of the ALIA New Graduates Group (Queensland) the month after he graduated. When he moved to Sydney in 2012 to take up his current position as a reference librarian at the Law Courts Library, he took on the role of Events Officer for ALIA Sydney. He also joined the organising committee for NLS7, working on the program and sponsorship subcommittees. He personally sponsored a bursary for this conference, so that a librarian or library student could have the opportunity to attend.

Colleagues at the Law Courts Library say that Holger has shown exceptional aptitude as a legal researcher. He has consistently shown initiative in his position and is keen to take on additional responsibilities. He is one of the leaders in promoting new technology within the library, including the use of mobile devices. They say Holger is always happy to share his knowledge with his colleagues and takes on a mentoring role with new staff members. His customer service skills have made him popular with clients and he provides an excellent example of a friendly, knowledgeable, library and information professional.

Other colleagues have described Holger as ‘enthusiastic, passionate, dynamic, committed, professional, thoughtful, strong, capable, energetic and dedicated’.

In addition to his roles with ALIA Groups, Holger is also served as the Vice-President of the Australian Law Librarians’ Association (NSW).