ALIA WA Library Technicians

The ALIA WA Library Technicians Group:

  • Promotes ALIA and library technician activities.
  • Encourages professional development and communication within local area and nationally.
  • Encourages new graduates through mutually-supportive friendships and recognising the special interests of library technicians.


Planned activities include monthly meetings, workshops, mini-conference, and student conference grant. Based in Western Australia, but open to any member.

Facebook page:

ALIA WA Library Technicians are the administrators for the WALT Conference Grant.


Convenor: Janelle Lee
Deputy Convenors: Patrizia Gianatti and Susan Courtland re-elected
Secretary: Gemma Henry
Treasurer: Ngaire Clements
Media Officer: Jane Barwell; Grace Antonas

General Committee: Helen Tomazin; Lori Mansel Annette RAison, Monique Aviso; Phyllis Paioff, Patricia Lam Sin Cho, Taniya Orchard


Group interest
Library technicians, Western Australia