ALIA LIS Education, Skills and Employment Trend Report


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The 2016 report notes there will be a modest increase in the number of qualified positions over the next five years, but a decrease in the number of positions for staff without a library and information science qualification.

The library and information sector remains an attractive proposition, with a below average unemployment rate and the option for part-time working. However, the workforce tends to be fairly static, with a relatively small number of vacancies occurring through staff turnover, people leaving the sector and the creation of new positions.

The Trend Report follows on from the ALIA Health Libraries Australian Census, published in July 2016, which found there are job opportunities in this specialisation. With a 7:4 ratio of retirees to new entrants, job vacancies in health libraries were found to be running at almost 10 per cent, compared with a national job vacancy rate of 1.2 per cent.

This is the third year the report has been produced.

The report was launched at the ALIA National 2016 Conference in Adelaide on 1 September 2016.


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The 2015 report concludes that baby boomer retirees from the LIS sector are creating the job opportunities for graduates and other entrants to the LIS job market.

Educators are in a challenging period, but this isn't restricted to the LIS sector.

Data shows that more employers are recruiting candidates without LIS qualification to provide frontline services. ALIA's aim is the encourage non-LIS professionals employed in the sector to study for LIS qualifications or at least gain a better understanding of the library environment by joining ALIA’s proficiency recognition program.

LIS workers had significantly higher educational qualifications compared with people employed in all occupations in Australia.

This is the second year the report has been produced.



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The 2014 report concludes that there is a positive outlook on employment prospects for library and information professionals over the next five years, but the job market will remain tight.

ALIA analysis of the data indicates that the job market will remain tight over the next five years but there will be openings as baby boomer workers retire and these existing positions are filled.

As the majority of library and information services are local, state, territory or federal government funded, they will be subject to the effects of government budget cuts.

While there’s some despondency in our sector about job prospects in the sector, figures from government and other sources suggest that this pessimism may be misplaced and the reality may be better than anticipated.

This is the first year this report has been published and the aim is to produce it yearly . This report was the result of an action item which was generated by the ALIA Future of the Profession project.  ALIA Members wanted the Association to map and monitor the LIS workforce to identify the ebb and flow of job openings for new entrants.

The report was launched at the ALIA National 2014 Conference in Melbourne on 18 September 2014.