Board Elections


The ALIA Board Election voting period is open from Monday 20 January 2020 and will conclude at 5pm AEDT on Friday 28 February.

All current financial members as of 5pm AEDT on Friday 6 December 2019 are eligible to vote in the election.  CorpVote will oversee the election and provide voting information to eligible Members.   

In addition to the profiles available below, the election candidates have provided an insight into why they nominated and the skills they would bring to the Board.  Select this link for further details.

ALIA Board Election 2020

Nominations have been sought for four postions that will become available on the ALIA Board of Directors in May 2020: 

  • Institutional Board member elected by Institutional ALIA Members

  • Three general Board members.


The response to the nomination process was positive with the number of candidates exceeding the available positions in both categories.  A formal election will now be held for all four Board positions.

The successful candidates will take office at the Board meeting following our Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on 4 May 2020 as part of the ALIA National 2020 Conference in Sydney. 

Institutional director


Nominations for the Institutional Director position have been received from three ALIA Members; Helen Ebsworth, Annette McGuiness and Clare Thorpe.

In practical terms, the role of the general Board members and the Board member elected by Institutional ALIA Members are the same - providing representation for all ALIA Members. However, our Constitution requires us to provide Institutional Members with the opportunity to vote for a Director as a discrete element of the election.

Background information about each of the candidates can be found at this link or downloaded here as a pdf file.

general directors




Nominations for the three general Director positions have been received from ten ALIA Members: Helen Ebsworth, Sophie Farrar, Stefanie Gaspari, Justine Hyde, Vanessa Little, Annette McGuiness, Atlanta Meyer, Clare Thorpe, Dr Diane Velasquez and Emily Wilson.

​Background information about each of the candidates can be found at this link or downloaded here as a pdf file.


ALIA elections are governed by By-Law 3 and CorpVote, an independent election specialist has been appointed to manage the election process.

Instructions for casting a vote will be emailed to all eligible Members by the election company.  Members without a registered email address will receive voting material by mail.  

Who can vote?

All current financial ALIA Members as of 5pm AEDT on Friday 6 December 2019 are eligible to vote in the election.

election timeline

The following table provides an indication of the election timeline:

Nominations open

Monday 7 October 2019

Nominations close

Friday 6 December 2019

Voting opens 

20 January 2020

Voting closes

28 February 2020

Directors take office

ALIA AGM at ALIA National Conference in Sydney

Monday 4 May 2020

what's changed for 2020?

At the 2019 AGM ALIA Members voted to change the composition of the Board.  The 2020 Board election will see the phasing in of the new Board structure that comprises:

  • President; two year term

  • Institutional Director – elected by Institutional Members; two year term

  • General Directors – five positions; two year term

  • Vice-President – annual appointment by the Board of one Director other than the President from the current Board membership.


Directors help to shape the Association’s future direction, provide strategic guidance to the executive team, identify and manage risks and are responsible for the financial sustainability of the Association. 

Being a Director provides a unique opportunity to work directly with and for ALIA to ensure our Members are supported into the future.

The Board meets for four face-to-face meetings a year either in Canberra at ALIA House or at other locations to coincide with significant ALIA events and occasional meetings via telephone or internet.  Board members are also invited to attend special events in their own state or territory, or as special guests in other locations,  and to chair meetings, liaise with ALIA groups and committees, and actively seek opportunities to talk with and learn from colleagues across all sectors.  All reasonable travel and accommodation expenses are paid by the Association.

Further information about the role of a Director can be found here. While you can read more about what it's like to be a Board Director from current Director, Paula Kelly Paull. 

skills and attributes

The Association seeks Directors with skills, attributes and experience to support the CEO and lead the Association. 

These skills include experience in or an understanding of:

  • Contemporary corporate governance

  • Finance and risk management

  • Strategic planning, implementation, and review processes

  • Communication and marketing

  • Networking and the ability to leverage networks

  • LIS industry and issues affecting the LIS sector /Association.

Ideally, the Board would comprise individuals with a mix of skills and experience.

want to know more?

Information about the 2019-2020 Board of Directors can be found on the Board of Directors webpage

To find out more about the election process or the work of the ALIA Board, please contact the ALIA Board of Directors. 

Questions about the conduct of the election should be directed to CorpVote at