ALIA in Western Australia

 Your ALIA WA State Manager


My name is Niamh Quigley, and I am your ALIA WA State Manager. 


I'm based in Perth and recently graduated from Curtin University with a Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Studies. This year I'm working on a Master of Information Management research project about open access at Curtin University. 

My background is in software testing, and I've worked in Ireland, the UK and Australia on mobile phone apps, airline reservation software, public transport smartcard ticketing, and university student management systems.

As an early career librarian, I have already had huge benefits from my ALIA membership as a student member (more about this here). Get in touch if you are thinking about joining ALIA and want to find out more. 

Say hello if you see me at ALIA events, and let me know if you have questions about any aspect of your ALIA membership - future events, the Professional Development scheme, or how you can get involved.


Ph: 0480 245 523




Upcoming Events

Event Date(s) Location
INCITE in conversation: The best of both worlds - teacher librarianship in Australia Fri, 12/03/2021 - 1:00pm to 1:30pm Online
ALIA Schools 2021 Webinar Package Sat, 13/03/2021 (All day) to Sat, 23/10/2021 (All day) Online
ALIA Schools Webinar: Teams - the Hard Conversations Sat, 13/03/2021 - 10:30am to 11:30am Online
ALIA LARK - Information for Learning: Library Applied Research Kollektive Symposium Fri, 09/04/2021 - 9:00am to 3:30pm Online


Groups in WA 

ALIA has a vibrant membership in WA with a number of enthusiastic and energetic groups.



The group organises continuing professional development activities statewide. Monthly meetings are open to visitors and potential committe members | More info |ALIAinWA |  @ALIAinWA | eList | Biblia Blog



The ALIA WA Library Technicians Group promotes ALIA and library technician activities | More info |Walt Group


ALIA Academic and Research Libraries WA

ALIA Academic and Research Libraries (WA) is a forum for tertiary, research and academic librarians to discuss ideas and practices and foster collaboration | More info


There are also local WA representatives from the following national ALIA groups:

ALIA Students & New Grads 
ALIA SNGG have an active WA chapter that links in closely with the national group. | Learn more |  Twitter |Facebook

Health Libraries Australia
Health Libraries Australia (HLA) has evolved from the former Library Association of Australia National Medical Librarians’ Section. They run an active elist which is a conduit for great discussions about issues relevant to the health speciality and for promoting events and professional development opportunities and have an active WA chapter. | Learn more

ALIA Retirees
ALIA Retirees have a strong WA chapter with regular meetups at the State Library and tours of libraries and other information services. To get in touch, contact the WA State Manager who will connect you. | Learn more​


The Western Australian Information Network (WAIN) elist is run by Curtin University and is utilised by the various local information management-related societies and associations.

Check the ALIA  Elist page for national and special interest ALIA elists.


Institutions offering ALIA Accredited Courses 

A full list of ALIA accredited courses is available here.