ALIA Allied Field Membership FAQs

What is ALIA Allied Field membership?

ALIA seeks to recognise allied professionals who work within the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) sector, and to encourage them to learn about and engage with the Library and Information Science (LIS) profession, join ALIA and undertake professional development in LIS especially within the formal recognition provided by the ALIA PD Scheme.

What qualifications are eligible for Allied Field membership?

Applicants seeking ALIA Allied Field membership should hold the minimum of a Diploma qualification.

What areas of knowledge are eligible for Allied Field membership?

Library and information services are increasingly seeking a more diverse workforce employing professionals with different qualifications.  ALIA  Allied Field membership has been designed to include people working within the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) sector, in roles such as conservators, media managers, social workers and who hold qualifications in those fields. Please contact to discuss your eligibility.

What is the application process?

Prospective Allied Field members are members who are not eligible for ALIA Associate or Library Technician membership, but employed within the GLAM sector, providing they hold the qualification of an equivalent level to an ALIA accredited qualification. The qualification must be TEQSA or ASQA recognised. 
The application process is via an individual application form supported by an employer referee. Join online.

Why join ALIA as an ALIA Allied Field member?

Professional development:  join the ALIA PD Scheme and create a formal record of your personal investment in your professional career by gaining Certified Professional membership.
Stay up to date: INCITE, PD Postings and other ALIA enewsletters, ebooks and journal articles
Support and advice: jobs, advocacy 
Be recognised: join ALIA committees, apply for awards 
Develop your networks: volunteer, networking, events, groups
Discounts for ALIA conferences, events and ALIA Training courses

I am an Allied Field member of ALIA. Can I apply for jobs that ask for eligibility for membership of ALIA at the Associate level?

No, Allied Field membership does not fulfil the requirements of job advertisements requiring eligibility for Associate or Library Technician membership of ALIA.

I am already an Allied Field member. Do I need to reapply for membership?

No, existing ALIA Allied Field members do not need to reapply for Allied Field membership and will keep their original post nominals.


What are the post nominals when I apply for Allied Field membership?

When you join ALIA as an Allied Field member, you will be able to add the post nominals ALIA Allied Field after your name. When you have joined and completed an ALIA PD Scheme year, you will be able to use the post nominals ALIA Allied Field (CP) as an ALIA Certified Professional Allied Field member of ALIA.