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Book covers agreement

August 2016: The Australian Publishers Association (APA) and the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) came to a landmark agreement to allow libraries to use book covers to promote books and authors without seeking permission each time. They agreed on the value of an environment in which libraries can be confident, for promotional purposes, to reproduce images of book covers whose copyright is owned by Australian publishers. Find out more here.

Copyright fact sheets

The Australian Libraries Copyright Committee has put together a range of fact sheets to help Australian librarians, archivists and related professionals navigate some of the more common interactions with copyright. The fact sheets, along with other helpful copyright materials, are available on the ALCC Resources page.

Copyright law reform

There are several projects in the works in Australia and internationally that will have a major impact on the future of copyright and intellectual property laws in Australia.

  1. The Productivity Commission issued the Intellectual Property Arrangements draft report in April 2016 

  2. An exposure draft on amendments to the Copyright Act 1968 was released for public comment in December 2015 

  3. The Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons who are Blind, Visually Impaired, or otherwise print Disabled

  4. Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Copyright news 

Federal election policies June 2016 

Australian Greens policy -  the policy states that it is critical that any changes are subject to substantial community and sector consultation and proper consideration 

Australian Labor Party - the policy states that Labor will consider any proposals or recommendations to adjust the current territorial copyright regime with caution. 

24 May 2016 

Conjecture on copyright changes unfounded | Senator Mitch Fifield media release 

29 April 2016 

Strong support for copyright reforms | ALIA media release 

29 April 2016 

Productivity Commission's copyright recommendations welcomed by Australia's schools, universities, librariesand technology companies | ADA media release 

24 December 2015 

ALIA welcomes changes to copyright law | ALIA media release 

23 December 2015 

Updating changes to Australia's copyright laws | Department of Communications statement 

July - August 2015 

Cooking for copyright | FAIR campaign 

On Friday 31 July , FAIR asked its supporters to Cook for Copyright to support copyright law reform. FAIR followers right across Australia took up the challenge of cooking for copyright, helping to raise awareness of our muddled copyright law and supporting our lobbying for immediate reform.

We had incredible support from National and State Libraries Australasia, archive, museum and historical society colleagues, who provided dozens of recipes, ranging from perfect morning tea fodder through to weird medicinal products.

We posted 35 handwritten recipes to the FAIR website – effectively contravening the current copyright law – and we asked Australians to cook one of these recipes – or choose an old favourite – and to post a photo to facebook or tweet with the #cookingforcopyright hashtag. Read more

2014 | 2013 

Copyright and the Digital Economy  

February 2014 

The final report by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) for its inquiry, Copyright and the Digital Economy, was released in February 2014. The report recommended the introduction of fair use in Australia. ALIA has been supportive of the adoption of Fair Use throughout the process and we were pleased to see the final report make this recommendation. According to the press release, the report also recommended some specific exceptions for libraries and archives to make preservation copies. Click here to see the final report. 


The WIPO Marrakesh Treaty

The Marrakesh Treaty (also known as the Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works by Visually Impaired Persons and Persons with Print Disabilities) was signed by Australia in Geneva on 24 June 2014.

One of the most important aspects of the treaty is the allowances it makes for books for people with print disabilities to be exported. Before the Treaty, copyright prohibited such cross-border trade which wasted time, money and resources world-wide.

For more information please visit the links below:

WIPO | Diplomatic Conference to Conclude a Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works by Visually Impaired Person and Persons with Print Disabilities | 28 June 2013

The Economist | Between the lines: Blind People defeat lobbyists in a tussle about copyright | 20 July 2013

ALIA participated in a stakeholder meeting in Sydney on 8 November 2016. View the communique issued as a result of that meeting.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement 

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement was negotiated in on-going secret meetings between governments including Australia. 

In October 2014, ALIA issued a media release noting our concerns about a second leaked draft of the Intellectual Property (IP) chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that could lead to internet censorship. Wikileaks published the updated draft chapter on IP which forms part of the TPP.

2013 News 

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