ALIA's Future of the Profession

ALIA's Future of the Profession 

ALIA’s Future of the Profession discussion paper was made available in May 2013.  ALIA Members around the country discussed what the future held during their National Advisory Congress events. We received submissions to our enquiry which were made available on the ALIA futures wiki and combined those with information collected at the Future of the Profession Summit held on 14 October 2013 to create the ALIA Future of the Profession Reports.  


ALIA National Advisory Congress responses










Other responses


Mt Druitt

ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee 

Ian McCallum from Libraries Alive 


Richard Francis-Jones from Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp 

Taylor & Francis 

Dr Joanna Richardson 



On the 14 October, delegates from around the country convened to take part in the ALIA Future of the Profession Summit. In addition to the event, we tweeted the questions below throughout the day. 

#tech (9:00- 10:00 am EST on twitter)
1. What will the role of LIS be re technology in 2025? Petting zoos, bridging digital divide, recharge points, IT boot camp? #aliafutures #tech
2. Who will be our technology competitors in 2025? Kiosks, pop up tech support, free online training? #aliafutures #tech
3. Why will people still come to us for technology needs in 2025? #aliafutures #tech
4. What will make us different from everyone else in the technology space in 2025? #aliafutures #tech
#expertise (10:00- 11:00 am EST on twitter) 
1. Will LIS professionals still connect people with information and ideas in 2025? #aliafutures #expertise 
2. How will LIS professionals support content creators in 2025? #aliafutures #expertise 
3. Will LIS professionals have been automated by 2025? #aliafutures #expertise
4. Will copyright be the same in 2025? Or will we get to a technology neutral stance by then? #aliafutures #expertise 
#space (11:00 am - noon EST on twitter) 
1. Will there be more or less physical LIS spaces in 2025? #aliafutures #space 
2. Will LIS spaces act as community hubs in 2025? #aliafutures #space
3. What do you think of the concept of maker spaces and 3D printers in libraries? #aliafutures #space 
4. What will the LIS online space look like in 2025? #aliafutures #space 
#collection (noon - 1:00 pm EST on twitter) 
1. What will collections look like in 2025? #aliafutures #collection
2. How will we be preserving the past in 2025? #aliafutures #collection 
3. Will the LIS sector be working directly with creators in 2025? Will we be creating our own content? #aliafutures #collection
4. Will there be intermediaries (publishers) between creators and libraries in 2025? #aliafutures #collection 
#programs (1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST on twitter) 
1. What sort of programs will library and information services put on in 2025? #aliafutures #programs 
2. What will the main focus of programs be in 2025? #aliafutures #programs 
3. Will programming be fully digital or will there still be a face to face component in 2025? #aliafutures #programs 
#emergingthemes (2:00 pm- 3:00 pm EST on twitter) 
1. What do you think of libraries as places to browse, places of serendipity and discovery? #aliafutures #emerging
2. What do you think of libraries as quiet spaces where you’re ‘allowed’ to switch off? #aliafutures #emerging 
3. What do you think of taking the library and information service to where the users are? #aliafutures #emerging 
#yourquestions (3:00 pm- 4:00 pm EST on twitter) 
1. How do we get our 'institutions' local council or department to recognise the value of our profession and training? How do we make sure our positions continue to be filled by qualified staff? #aliafutures #value sent in by Linda