Professional development for library and information professionals

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The phrase 'library and information professional' refers to those members of the profession who have completed an entry-level qualification in library and information management at either Associate or Library Technician level.


To ensure the high standard of personnel engaged in information provision and foster their professional interests and aspirations.

ALIA Constitution Objects addressed:

  • To promote and improve the services provided by all kinds of library and information agencies.
  • To ensure the high standard of personnel engaged in information provision and foster their professional interests and aspirations.


Library and information professionals have a personal responsibility to commit to professional development and career-long learning. Similarly, their employers and the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) have a responsibility to provide opportunities which enable library and information professionals to expand their knowledge and skills.


The dynamic and changing library and information environment demands that library and information professionals continue to develop and broaden their knowledge and skills so that they can anticipate and respond to the needs of clients, organisations and society.

Professional learning is a commitment from each library and information professional to ensure continuous improvement in performance throughout their career.

Professional development may relate to an extension of general or specialist areas of library and information management, development of knowledge that underlies professional practice, growth of the reflective practitioner, enhance research expertise, or studies from another discipline which lead to personal and professional learning.

ALIA expects that learning opportunities will be made available to all library and information professionals. Learning experiences may be formal or informal and may take place in workplaces, educational institutions, research programs or projects, professional events, mentoring sessions or through personal study and reflection.

The Association's commitment to its members achieving their career goals is demonstrated by:

  • providing ALIA conferences, symposia and events;
  • providing the ALIA PD Scheme* and specialisations;
  • formally recognising members who participate in ALIA's PD Scheme with Certified Professional post nominals, Certified Professional Certificates and Distinguished Certified Professional Certificates;
  • offering the ALIA Mentoring Scheme; 
  • encouraging library and information science (LIS) educators to motivate their students to continue learning after graduating;
  • organising partnerships with other professional and training organisations to make available learning opportunities in library and information management and other disciplinary studies;
  • facilitating forums including online where knowledge can be created, shared and disseminated to enable members to better understand the dynamic environment in which they, as library and information professionals, and their clients operate.

*From 1 July 2020, when new Associate, Library Technician and Allied Field members join ALIA and make a formal commitment to ongoing learning, ALIA membership will include automatic enrolment in the ALIA PD Scheme.

Amended 2009, 2019.