Library Technician of the Year Award


Nominations for the Library Technician of the Year Award 2020 are now open.

Nominations must be received no later than 14 August 2020.


Completed nomination forms should be emailed to


About the Award

The Library Technician of the Year Award is administered by a selection panel comprising a minimum of three ALIA member peers appointed by ALIA.

The nominee must:

  • Be a personal Library Technician member of ALIA

The criteria used to demonstrate that the nominee is eligible as a recipient of the Award will include:

  • Promoting the goals and objectives of the Association;
  • Honouring contributions to the advancement of library technicians
  • Publications in journals (for example, ALIA or other library related publication, hardcopy or electronic)
  • Recognising excellence in LT practice;
  • Presentations at conferences
  • Personal achievement within the library sector
  • Encouraging the professional development of LT students and new members to the profession.

Nominators must be able to corroborate what is put forward in the nomination - this should include an employer report and a recommendation from a fellow ALIA member.

It is essential that nominees are NOT aware that they are being nominated for an award. Nominations are considered by the ALIA selection panel and details are published only when the nomination is successful. Groups of the Association in particular are asked not to note nominations in their agenda papers and/or minutes. Disclosure of such details may prejudice a nomination.

Completed nomination forms are emailed to and nominations are usually requested mid-year.



Library Technician of the Year Award past recipients


Closing date
14-8-20 5:00pm