ALIA Personal Membership

By becoming a member of the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA), you open the door to a world of opportunities in the library and information sector.

ALIA membership offers a host of advantages designed to support your professional growth and enhance your career. As an ALIA member, you'll gain access to an extensive network of like-minded professionals, providing you with valuable opportunities to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate. You will also be supporting ALIA’s advocacy work to promote the essential role libraries play in society. 

Whether you have had a long career in libraries or you are just starting out in the field, our community is here to support you at every step of your journey. Explore the resources, events, and development opportunities that await you as a valued member of ALIA.

Together we work to advance library and information services for a thriving democracy.

The ALIA membership benefits can be best summarised by the four 'R's'; Representation, Relationships, Resources and Recognition. Keep scrolling to find out more below.

Why join?

Join ALIA for professional growth, networking, and access to resources that advance the library and information field while connecting with like-minded professionals.

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ALIA is your strong voice advocating for the library and information sector. Our advocacy efforts encompass:

  • Promotion: at every opportunity we promote the vital role libraries play in a thriving democracy, highlighting their essential role across literacies, information access and community well-being. We create and share resources for library staff and supporters to be successful library promoters. 
  • Creating change: we work tirelessly to create the environment libraries need to thrive. We achieve policy and legislative outcomes that support the work of libraries and information services, and advance key sector values. 
  • Strong partnerships: we find allies and partners to work together to advance shared values, such as open access, Australian stories, preservation of the human record and literacy across all ages. 

Join ALIA and be part of the strong voice advocating for the essential role of libraries at the heart of our democracy.

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We understand the importance of fostering strong relationships and building a vibrant community within the library and information sector. Our commitment to these values is evident through:

  • Networking Opportunities: we provide a platform for you to connect with fellow colleagues, facilitating valuable networking and collaboration.
  • Knowledge Sharing: we encourage the exchange of ideas, best practices, and expertise, promoting a culture of continuous learning and growth.
  • Community Contribution: we offer ways for you to contribute to the sector – whether that’s volunteering for a regional group, providing expertise for a submission or being a mentor, we value your contribution and facilitate its benefit to the community. 
  • Events and Conferences: our events, webinars, and conferences are designed to bring members together, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose.
  • Groups: ALIA Groups provide opportunities for members to engage with their regional and special interest communities, advance their professional interests and contribute to the sector.
  • Mentorship: we provide the ALIA Mentoring Scheme to help you navigate your career and achieve your professional goals.

Join ALIA and be a part of a strong, interconnected community that empowers you to thrive in your role.

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We offer a wealth of valuable resources to support your professional development and enhance your expertise in the library and information sector. These resources include:

  • Publications: gain access to cutting-edge research, industry insights, and best practices through ALIA's publications including INCITE digital magazine, weekly RecruitLIS and monthly CPD Digest, keeping you up-to-date with the latest industry news, trends and opportunities. Institutional members also receive a subscription to JALIA.
  • Professional Development: take advantage of numerous opportunities for skill enhancement and career growth, including workshops, training courses, conferences and webinars. Professional members have access to the ALIA CPD scheme and logbook. 
  • ALIA Library: access a vast repository of digital resources, articles, and guides that cover a wide range of topics relevant to the sector.
  • Toolkits and Templates: we provide practical toolkits and templates to assist you in various aspects of your work, from library management to advocacy.
  • Sector Standards and Guidelines: access the national sector guidelines, policies and standards, and have the opportunity to contribute to their development. 
  • Member-Exclusive Content: enjoy exclusive member-only content, including webinars, reports and research materials, designed to advance your knowledge and career.

Join ALIA and tap into this rich tapestry of resources that will empower you to excel in your role in the library and information sector.

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We are dedicated to recognising lifelong learning, accredited LIS qualifications and commitment to the library and information sector. Our recognition efforts encompass:

  • Continuing Professional Development: the ALIA CPD Scheme is here to support your ongoing professional learning and provides for post-nominal recognition of your skills, knowledge, and experience.
  • Awards and Honours: we have a suite of prestigious awards and honours to celebrate and acknowledge exceptional contributions to the library and information field.
  • Professional Recognition: we recognise LIS qualifications from ALIA-accredited courses via internationally recognisable and transferable post-nominals.

Join ALIA and be part of an organisation that champions the LIS workforce and empowers you to gain personal recognition and achieve your career aspirations.

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Professional Membership

Associate, Library Technician and Allied field is available to those who hold an accredited qualification or meet employment requirements.

Associate Membership

Associate: you must have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification.

View ALIA Accredited library and information science qualifications

Library Technician

Library Technician: you must have completed an ALIA accredited Library Technician qualification.

View ALIA Accredited Library Technician Qualifications

Allied Field

Allied Field Membership is open to people who are working at a professional level within the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museum) sector and hold a qualification other than an ALIA Accredited LIS qualification.

To be eligible we require:

  • evidence that you are working at a professional level within the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museum) sector
  • evidence of a qualification at Diploma level or above
  • a reference from your employer.

Please note that ALIA Allied Field membership does not fulfil the requirements of job advertisements requiring eligibility for Associate or Library Technician membership of ALIA.

General Membership

Available to all interested individuals and students. No qualifications are required for this category.


Featured benefits for General Members:

  1. Networking: Connect with a vast network of professionals, experts, and peers in the library and information sector.
  2. Resources: Access to a wide range of publications, research, and toolkits to stay informed and excel in your profession.
  3. Advocacy: Participate in ALIA's advocacy efforts to support and promote the library and information profession.
  4. Professional Development: Access workshops, webinars, and certification programs to enhance your skills and career prospects.
  5. Community: Be part of a supportive community that provides mentorship, guidance, and a sense of belonging.
  6. Discounts: Benefit from reduced rates for ALIA events, conferences, and educational offerings.


Featured student benefits

  1. Networking: Connect with peers, mentors, and professionals in the library and information field.
  2. Resources: Access to publications, research, and digital tools tailored to students' needs.
  3. Discounts: Enjoy reduced rates for ALIA events, webinars, and workshops.
  4. Scholarships: Access to exclusive scholarship opportunities to support your education.
  5. Professional Development: Participate in student-focused development programs and gain early exposure to industry trends.
  6. Community: Join a supportive student community, fostering mentorship and guidance.
  7. Career Insights: Access career advice, job listings, and insights to help launch your career.

Join now

Personal Membership Benefit Professional General/Student
Free CPD and Member-only events
Member only resources and reports
Monthly CPD Digest, including free CPD opportunities
ALIA CPD scheme  
ALIA mentoring scheme (nominal fee)
Weekly RecruitLIS with latest job opportunities
Discounts for conferences, training, CPD and merchandise
Access to Taylor & Francis 30% discount on books
Access to specialist LIS ebooks
Subscription to JALIA
Join ALIA Regional Groups, Special Interest Groups and some Sector Committees**
Serve on the Executive Committee of ALIA Regional Groups, Special Interest Groups and some Sector Committees
Stand for election to the ALIA Board
Nominate a colleague or apply for an ALIA Award
Recognition of your accredited LIS qualification  

Personal Membership Fees

Annual personal membership fees can be paid via Credit card, EFT or BPAY. Monthly payment options via Credit card and Direct debit are available for Students, Full or Reduced memberships.

Personal Membership Fees $AUD     Notes
Professional  Associate, Library Technician, Allied Field    
    *Contact the National Office for this option
    Full $360     Gross income $34600 and over
    Reduced $205     Gross income under $34600 or health care card holders
    New Graduate $205*     *Applies for 2 years after completing an ALIA Accredited course.
    Automatically upgraded to Full professional personal member after 2 years
    Retired - 1 Year $100
    Retired - 10 Year  $980  

    Life $4590*      *Contact the National Office for this option
    Full  $360     Gross income $34600 and over
    Student  $95      Student enrolled in any course
    Reduced $205     Gross income under $34600 or health care card holders
    Retired - 1 Year $100  
    Retired - 10 Year $980*     *Contact the National Office for this option

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