NSS 2023 - Wrap Up

What an incredible year it was for National Simultaneous Storytime 2022. 

We had well over #1millionkidsreading (over 2 million!!) with 2,357,960 registered participants, from over 22,542 locations read “The Speedy Sloth” by Rebecca young. 

Additionally, we had participants joining us this year from a huge range of countries across Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, USA, Vanuatu and Venezuela

Thank you to everyone who participated, we loved receiving all your stories and images! We love hearing about your 2023 NSS event, so please send your stories, photos and videos to [email protected].

Check out some of the events that were held across Australia below:


Rayne enjoyed NSS 2023 (Devonport, TAS)


It was such a beautiful day in Brisbane today that we read The Speedy Sloth outside under the trees at camp Hill C & K Kindy


145 students enjoying being read to by Reverend Marara,  our school chaplain at Hadlow Preparatory School.


St Elizabeth's School Tarragindi enjoying NSS 2023


So many of our Primary classes joined in with NSS this year, and those who were lucky enough to already have a library session booked on Wednesdays got The Speedy Sloth read aloud to them by ME, their happy little librarian. 
There was much applause when Spike made it home in time for her spaghetti! at Carey Baptist College - Harrisdale


I only had one class read the Speedy Sloth but 3/4 Emma really enjoyed the story and as our sports day is coming up it was a great lesson for the children to see that it doesn’t matter where you come in a race as long as you have fun is really all that counts. And that you get your favourite meal afterwards! 

After reading the book I had pictures of fast and slow animals for the children to colour in.  A funny comment from one of the students was when I held up a picture of a turtle he argued that it wasn’t a turtle but a tortoise! We had a good laugh about that. Also lots of the students knew facts about sloths as well. at MacFarlane Primary School, Katharine 



Our Lego Club in Albany WA rocked National Simultaneous Storytime!
We dove into the world of "The Speedy Sloth", and then our creative builders raced to the finish line with their incredible Lego race masterpieces!
It was a great way to engage an older age group in a fun and creative way.  It is truly amazing to see their creations give the very short time frame of about 40 minutes actual building time, it really is race to the finish!


Our wonderful NSS event at Chatswood Library.

Our event was attended by 32 children and our special guest reader was local Mayor, Tanya Taylor (supported by a cute puppet show performed by our children’s librarians). The kids also learnt many facts about Sloths, did the “Sloth dance” and created a lovely mother and baby sloth craft.



I’m Rachel Kleiner, the librarian at Kesser Torah College in Sydney. We have been participating in NSS for a number of years.

Thanks NSS team and Rebecca Young and Heath McKenzie for the opportunity to share this gorgeous inspiring tale of the Spike the sloth! I have a small following of young children and families on my FB and YouTube channel, I usually do a Fun Friday music and Storytime but today was a special occasion so shared it live on FB and then uploaded to YouTube. 

Thanks again, enjoy the celebrations !🥳📖🦥🎶 Moovers n Shakers Music


📚🎉 What an incredible morning at our National Simultaneous Storytime and Craft in Albany WA! 🌟
We just had to share with you the amazing time we had today.
We gathered to embark on an adventure with "The Speedy Sloth" by Rebecca Young and Heath McKenzie and oh boy, what a delightful story it was! We joined our lovable sloth Spike as she was getting ready to run in the big race!
But the fun didn't end with the story. We took our creativity to new heights with a fantastic sloth mask activity. ✂️ Watching everyone dive into the craft, bringing their own unique touch to their creations and their sloth to life.
The event brought together children, parents, grandparents, and friends, fostering a sense of community and shared joy. It was heart-warming to see everyone engaged and enthusiastic, all connected by the power of storytelling and crafts. 🌟❤️


I was super excited to participate in the live event from India. 
Thank you so much for sharing the links . It was a delight to view the storytelling, art and craft ideas and learning. 


For National simultaneous story time we worked together with the King Island childcare. Katey and volunteer Ruth visited the centre to read "the speedy sloth" to the children in the Lilly Pilly room, everyone got a book to take home and a sticker! 
Thank you to the childcare for having us and to Ruth for giving us her time.
We are not sure who had more fun, the kids, Katey or Ruth!?



Hospital School SA

Thank you for organizing the fantastic event every year.
As we always do, our students/patients at Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and Lyell McEwin Hospital enjoyed the celebration of reading together.

We prepared activity packs along with giveaway books.  The children were so excited and happy to read and to do activities together, and then to keep their own books!


ACT Libraries Celebrated NSS Day across their branches with some local sports stars