Our Team

Trish Hepworth

Deputy CEO

Kylie Fiddy

COO & Company Secretary

Zola Maddison

Director of Training & Events

National Office Team

If you are not sure where to direct your enquiry please send it to [email protected]. Please include your membership number with your enquiry wherever possible.

To reach an ALIA house staff member directly via telephone, please dial 02 6215 8 followed by their extension number listed below.

Professional Learning Teacher Librarian Jacqui Lucas Ext 230
Senior Research Coordinator Phoebe Weston-Evans Ext 225
Librarian, Sector Standards and Education Heather Brown  
Health Libraries Australia - National Manager Michele Gaca  
Regional Engagement Manager Emily Wilson  
Communications Manager
Liz Bradtke  Ext 239
Communications & Social Media Officer Anna Nadarajah Ext 229
Events Manager Katrina Gee Ext 220
Membership Officer Agnes Lekawski Ext 210
Membership & Events Assistant Marisa Bishop Ext 219
Librarian, Partnerships and Members Lisa Slingsby Ext 212
Finance Officer
Samantha McCrohan
Ext 232
Web Content & IT Manager
Brock Johnston Ext 227
Website Assistant Caleb Scarratt  

Advertising & Sponsorship

INCITEALIA News, ALIA website and CPD Digest
    [email protected]
Conferences and Campaigns vacant Director Training and Events [email protected]
JALIA   Taylor & Francis [email protected]
Employment Advertising     [email protected]


INCITE  Liz Bradtke
INCITE Editor [email protected]
JALIA Dr Mary Anne Kennan JALIA Editor [email protected]
JALIA Reviews Ian McCallum & Sherrey Quinn JALIA Book Reviews Editors [email protected]