Our Team

Cathie Warburton

Chief Executive Officer

Nicole Barnes

Chief Operating Officer & Company Secretary

Trish Hepworth

Director of Policy & Education

Christina Granata

Director of Conferences & Events

National Office Team

If you are not sure where to direct your enquiry please send it to [email protected]. Please include your membership number with your enquiry wherever possible.

To reach an ALIA house staff member directly via telephone, please dial 02 6215 8 followed by their extension number listed below.

Learning Services Coordinator Jacqui Lucas Ext 230
Program Officer, Professional Pathways Phoebe Weston-Evans Ext 225
 Librarian, Sector Standards and Education Heather Brown  
 Training Lead Gary Lom  
 Policy and Research Librarian Lisa Lynch Ext 237
Graphic Designer Anna Nadarajah Ext 229
Communications Manager
Liz Bradtke  Ext 239
Communications Officer
Sarah Davy
 Ext 221
Membership Officer Lisa Slingsby Ext 236
Finance and Administration Officer Morgan Flack Ext 232
Membership Officer Agnes Lekawski Ext 210
Web Content Officer
Brock Johnston Ext 227

State & Territory Managers

ACT  ALIA House team [email protected] 02 6215 8222
NSW  Rob Thomson [email protected] 0423 184 737
NT ALIA House team [email protected] 02 6215 8222
QLD Stephen Harris [email protected] 0410 998 989
SA  ALIA House team
[email protected]
 02 6215 8222
TAS ALIA House team [email protected] 02 6215 8222
VIC ALIA House team [email protected] 02 6215 8222
WA ALIA House team
[email protected] 02 6215 8222

Advertising & Sponsorship

INCITEALIA Weekly, ALIA website and PD Postings     [email protected]
Conferences and Campaigns Christina Granata Director Conferences and Events [email protected]
JALIA   Taylor & Francis [email protected]
Employment Advertising     [email protected]


INCITE  Bookseller+Publisher INCITE Editor [email protected]
JALIA Dr Mary Anne Kennan JALIA Editor [email protected]
JALIA Reviews Ian McCallum & Sherrey Quinn JALIA Book Reviews Editors [email protected]