Alan Flores*


*Alan is a candidate for General Director

What motivated you to seek election as an ALIA Director?

I have had a long career as a library manager and have worked in a range of areas and feel that my experience as a problem solver may be helpful in providing guidance in the management of ALIA.

I love a challenge and have the time and energy to deal with them.  I’d like to know more about the challenges facing the profession and help to deal with them.

Each generation has a different view on society and maybe a baby boomer like me just might be able to provide some insight into ALIA issues.    

What skills and experience would you bring to the Board?

I have been a library manager for over forty years and understand the politics of management, the relationship between government and governed and the management of staff and budgets.

I have problem solved many issues not only with staff, logistics and funding but also with politicians. I have experience in making decisions and know how to analyse a problem to come to solutions.

I am a team player and a realist and plan ahead to make sure we have solutions not problems.

What are the three most important issues currently facing ALIA or the LIS workforce?
  1. All organisation relies on membership and for members to join and stay, the organisation has to remain relevant to their needs.
  2. ALIA needs to gain and keep the attention of government and business to show the relevance of the Association to the future of Australia whether it be public libraries or the National Library and the safeguarding of our historical records.
  3. The profession needs to work with educational institutions so that librarianship is not lost in the desire to recreate the information industry. The word “librarian” is very powerful and being one of the oldest professions needs to maintain its position as one of the most trusted professions. Librarianship has to continue to exist as an entity.