ALIA Blog: why you should step up for the ALIA Board

If you've been thinking about what you'd like to achieve professionally in 2024, new skills you'd like to develop to progress your career growth, or about the the direction of ALIA and LIS in Australia, we strongly encourage you to consider nominating for the ALIA Board.

Being on the the ALIA Board is a genuine opportunity to help shape ALIA's future direction. As a representative of ALIA Members you will be responsible for overseeing ALIA's core activities and the implementation of the Strategic Plan. A strong governance, risk and financial management framework exists which will enable you to understand the context within which ALIA operates and ask all the right questions.

But don't just take our word for it! Three current Board Directors share what they enjoy most about serving on the ALIA Board, what they've learned and gained, and the what future Board Directors can expect to get out of the experience.



Clare Thorpe

Vice-President 2022-2024 AGM, Institutional Director 2020 - 2024 AGM

"In my four years as a Board Director, I have learned and developed skills in finance, risk management, organisational culture development and strategic planning. I have learned from my fellow Directors how to bring a mindset of curiosity to discussions and how to be influential and empowering as an advisor to the ALIA team. I have enjoyed the opportunity to have challenging yet productive conversations with some very smart people. I would recommend nominating for the ALIA Board if you have the time to volunteer and are ready to stretch your leadership skills in new and inspiring ways."



Nicole Johnston

ALIA Board Director 2023 - 2025 AGM

"Being on the ALIA Board allows you to help shape the future of the library and information profession in Australia. Since being on the Board, I’ve also enjoyed working with my colleagues across different libraries nationally and learning about the priorities and challenges that impact different library sectors. I’ve also developed new skills at a company director level that will support my future career growth."




Amy Walduck

ALIA Board Director 2023 AGM - 2025 AGM

"I would highly recommend nominating for the ALIA Board. It’s a great opportunity to share your expertise and contribute to the strategic direction of the organisation on behalf of members. It’s also an excellent way to sharpen and build upon your professional skills whilst broadening your networks and connecting and engaging with the industry."



Nominations are now open and will close on 29 January 2024. All members will vote to elect three general Directors, institutional members will vote to elect one Institutional Director.

The successful candidates will take office following our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2024 and serve on the Board for three years.