Introducing the ALIA National Conference Volunteers

The ALIA team is excited to introduce the ALIA National Conference volunteers. Being students, recent graduates, or active members of an ALIA Regional or Special Interest Group, the volunteers were selected from many applications, through a competitive process.  

There will be volunteers travelling from the north, east and west of the continent to join the South Australian locals at the Adelaide Convention Centre. This team of volunteers will play an integral role in supporting the conference – by creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere for delegates and ensuring the very best conference experience for all. Their dedication and enthusiasm was on display in the 'getting to know you' session last week, where the sharing was warm, insightful, and good humoured.

Photos above (L to R): Nicola Carson (WA); Beifang Hou (SA); Nancy Liviero (SA); Camille Peters (WA); Phoebe Radford (QLD); and Kati Sharpe (VIC).

Photos above (L to R): Amy Sowinski (SA); Claire Stuckey (NSW); Matthew Sykes (SA); Nicole Taylor (SA); and Madhavee Wright (SA).

In their purple vests and orange lanyards, ALIA National Conference volunteers will be easy to identify – so please approach them to introduce yourself, ask questions and share insights. This will be the first ALIA Conference for many of the volunteers, and they are looking for opportunities to learn, connect, and contribute.

Emily Wilson  
Regional Engagement Manager