From the Regional Engagement Manager: connection, collaboration and community









 Photo left (L to R): ALIA’s Phoebe Weston-Evans, Gary Lom and Emily Wilson discovering new books following last week’s ALIA team strategy day.

In the short 6 months that I’ve been the ALIA Regional Engagement Manager I’ve been inspired and welcomed by library people who have shown me their workplaces, enthusiastically told me about their projects and shared their thoughts, concerns and passion for library futures. I’ve been working closely with ALIA Regional Groups to create further opportunities for collaboration and community.

I’m always seeking opportunities to connect with ALIA members throughout Australia. Get in touch with me by email, or come and chat to me in person at one of the following:

Melbourne: ALIA Victoria are hosting On the Subject of Headings on Sunday October 22nd. Register to come in person to this event, there are still plenty of places.  Following the panel event, ALIA President Jane Cowell will be presenting awards and there will be networking and refreshments.

Brisbane: ALIA Queensland are running the Mini Conference 2023 on Wednesday November 8th. I’m organising a dinner for the night before, as a chance for ALIA members in Brisbane to catch up. Register your interest now – further details to come.

Adelaide: ALIA South Australia are running the inaugural SALIAs Awards Night on Tuesday November 14th. This Awards Night will be hosted by ALIA President Jane Cowell, with presentations from the Director of the State Library of South Australia, Geoff Strempel. Canapés and drinks will be provided thanks to the generosity of sponsors RAECO, OverDrive, ALS Library Services and Emerald Publishing. Don’t miss this one – it's going to be a big night.

Sydney: ALIA National and the new ALIA NSW Group (which is seeking members) are hosting an End of Year Celebration at the State Library of NSW Library Bar on Thursday November 23rd. Sponsors RAECO are providing the first glass of bubbly and there will be ALIA Member presentations from ALIA Board Director, Kathryn Eyre.

Canberra: I’ll be in Canberra on Tuesday November 21st and Wednesday November 22nd. Get in touch - I’d love to speak with ACT ALIA members about re-energising an ALIA ACT Group in 2024.


Emily Wilson 
Regional Engagement Manager