Thank you to our State and Territory Managers

ALIA has had State and Territory Managers for a long time and while the model has served us well we have decided to move to a new way of working. This will involve a new full-time ALIA role of Regional Engagement Manager. The job ad is available on the ALIA Jobs Board. We have already had a meeting with Regional Group Convenors and will share more information in the coming weeks about how Regional Groups will be supported under the new model and the tie in with Special Interest Groups. The two remaining State Managers will continue in their role until the end of February.

The focus here is on recognising the wonderful work done by ALIA’s State and Territory Managers over the years. There have been many of you, and so we have only listed those who have served since 2015. A special mention to Jayshree Mamtora who was State Manager for the Northern Territory for an incredible 12 years from 2007-2019.



State and Territory Managers

Northern Territory

Jayshree Mamtora


Lyndelle Gunton, Amy Walduck, Claudia Davies, James Nicholson, Stephen Harris


Diana Richards (and ACT), Sally Turbitt, Rob Thomson


Jade Koekoe, Rachael Hind, Jade Dawes


Eileen Louden, Margie Anderson


Jill Denholm, Sally Murdoch

South Australia

Emily Wilson, Lauren Gobbett, Jeannine Hooper, Annette Mills

Western Australia

Noreen Kirkman, Deborah Talbot, Jessica Pietsch, Sienna Gilchrist, Niamh Quigley, Helen Balfour, Carol Newton-Smith 


A very warm thank you to all of you from all of us for everything you did to keep ALIA alive and relevant in the regions. Whether it was speaking at a graduation, writing for Incite, developing new partnerships or providing support for individual members, you were critical in keeping the wheels turning.  
It is only fitting that our two remaining State Managers have the final say.

From Stephen Harris:
“During my time as State Manager I have greatly enjoyed meeting members and travelling to Queensland’s regional areas and finding out about all the innovative projects going on. I have enjoyed working with Queensland’s ALIA Groups and helping to organize conferences and symposiums especially TropicALIA’s Reset and Reconnect. Take care and I hope to catch up at a networking event in the future."  
From Rob Thomson:
“Highlights as ALIA NSW State Manager 2019-2023:
•     The Friday night online Zoom sessions to keep contact with ALIA Members in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.
•    Visiting Libraries across the State as restrictions eased and were allowed.
•    Organising and running the successful GLAMAWARRA event 2022
•    Meeting as many ALIA NSW Members as was possible, either online, or in person at various conferences, events and gatherings.
It has been an amazing privilege to have been ALIA NSW State Manager during some interesting times and I am thrilled to have visited so many new and refurbished libraries during my time. Libraries really do create communities!”