Thank you to all who signed our open letter to the ABC

Canberra, 10 August: We want to thank all who signed the open letter to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) expressing significant concern about their announced reduction in professional library and archival staff.

As the letter and our joint statement with the Australian Society of Archivists (ASA) makes clear, these cuts will severely jeopardise the ABC’s ability to produce well-researched content and to meet professional standards for creating, managing and preserving records of such national significance. 
The letter received 3,122 signatures from individuals and organisations. The overwhelming cross-sectoral support that the letter has received – and the attention that the issue continues to attract – is a reflection of the high regard in which these roles are held and the urgent need to ensure their stability now and into the future. We have sent a copy of the letter and the list of signatories to the ABC’s Chair, Ita Buttrose, Managing Director, David Anderson, and members of the ABC Board.
We will continue to update you via our website as the situation evolves.