Seeking feedback from Members employed in school libraries

Canberra, 2 March: As part of the Professional Pathways project ALIA has launched a survey aimed at better understanding the professional development context and needs of those employed by school libraries in specific occupations.

“Well-resourced school libraries are critical for student learning and wellbeing and this project will identify professional learning challenges and opportunities for school library staff as well as opportunities for future development and support,” said ALIA Director of Policy and Education Trish Hepworth.
The 20-minute confidential online survey is open for those currently employed in a school library whether as a Teacher Librarian, Teacher, Librarian, Library Technician or Library Officer/Assistant *
The responses we receive will help:


  • support the professional growth of those working in school libraries
  • devise clear mapping of professional pathways for school library employees in the education sector
  • support future advocacy campaigns on the important contribution school libraries make in the educational experiences of children and young adults in Australia, and in educating our future workforce
  • inform future conversations between ALIA and school education systems, TAFE and tertiary institutions, professional associations, and state and federal government bodies, about the status of LIS qualifications in school libraries.

In addition, the project team would like to hear from school library staff who do not do not fit into these categories. Although we know how crucial school libraries are to students, we don’t currently have a clear picture of the wide range of staffing arrangements and needs across Australian schools. This research project is a small but important step towards understanding the best way to support our amazing school library staff and in turn our school library communities.

“This fits in with ALIA’s wider investment in the library and information profession through our Professional Pathways Initiative, which will support new pathways into and within the library and information sector,” said Ms Hepworth. 

For those working in a school library but not identifying with the specific occupations, or for any other questions, please contact the education team at [email protected]

Click here to take the survey

* Definitions for the purpose of this survey are informed by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) Becoming a Library & Information Professional Guide:

  • ‘Library’ or resource centre is used to refer to a managed centre of resources, programs, expertise and services accessible to a school community.
  • ‘Teacher Librarian’ refers to a registered teacher who also holds a professional qualification in librarianship that is eligible for Associate membership of ALIA.
  • ‘Librarian’ refers to a staff member holding a Bachelor or post-graduate qualification in librarianship that is eligible for Associate membership of ALIA.
  • ‘Library Technician’ refers to a staff member holding a Diploma of Library and Information Services that is eligible for Library Technician membership of ALIA.
  • ‘Library Assistant’ refers to a staff member who does not have a formal qualification in library and information services (that is eligible for Associate or Library Technician membership of ALIA).