Uncover something new at your library today

Canberra, 14 February 2020: Today is Library Lovers’ Day, this day is an opportunity for libraries and library users to celebrate all the ways that love can be found in the library. Organised by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA), this annual event involves hundreds of libraries and thousands of library users.

The theme for Library Lovers’ Day 2020 is ‘uncover something new’ and libraries across the nation have celebrated by hosting events, putting up displays and engaging with their local communities.

This year ALIA has created special wrapping paper for library staff to create hidden ‘book dates’ as well as bookmarks, posters and stickers.

Sue McKerracher ALIA, CEO, says ‘Library Lovers’ Day is always a popular event for libraries and their users to celebrate what they love about their library. Libraries hold a special place in many peoples hearts from public, to school, university, TAFE, health, government, law and other special libraries – all much loved and appreciated by their users’.

Amy Kaldor-Bull, Client and Development Manager, Story Box Library says 'For many, libraries are one of the first places outside the home that offer children and families a chance to experience the joy of reading and storytelling together. And over a lifetime, they become so much more – a resource for learning, for technology, for community engagement. Library Lovers’ Day is a chance to recognise this and celebrate the importance that libraries have in our everyday lives'. 
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