ALIAWest co-ordinates and communicates strategic professional issues and organises continuing professional development activities statewide. It promotes the profession and its objectives both to the members and the public through the F A Sharr Award, and through collaborative projects and events with other groups.

ALIAWest co-ordinates a social and networking program across groups in Western Australia, encouraging the flow of ideas and to ensure grass-roots recruiting of new members. Activities also include promoting Library Week and publishing BIBLIA blog posts as a communication tool for the profession in Western Australia.

ALIAWest supports mentoring initiatives and programs by providing an avenue for mentoring relationships to be cultivated, through projects in collaboration with other groups, as well as facilitating individual mentoring. In particular ALIAWest supports mentoring through the ALIA Students and New Graduates Group in WA, providing access to its network of contacts to assist with their mentoring initiatives.

Terms of reference

Group interest Western Australia, Perth

State WA

Community page ALIAWest members community

Convenor: Nicola Carson
Treasurer: Camille Peters


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