NSS 2021 - Wrap Up

What an incredible year it was for National Simultaneous Storytime 2021. This year was especially exciting as ALIA along with Scholastic, the Australian Space Agency and the Office of the Chief Scientist came together to organise a special reading from space with astronaut Dr Shannon Walker from the International Space Station.

We had well over #1millionkidsreading (almost 2 million!!) with over 1.98 million registered participants, from over 33,418 locations read “Give me some space!” by Philip Bunting. 

2021 has been our biggest most and successful year yet, with 1 in 12 people in Australia reading simultaneously! 

Additionally, we had participants from over 27 countries including Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, Cook Islands, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niue, Pakistan, Peru, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vanuatu & Vietnam.

Thank you to everyone who participated, we loved receiving all your stories and images! We love hearing about your 2021 NSS event, so please send your stories, photos and videos to [email protected].

Check out some of the events that were held across Australia below:

Maria Wood (Gympie South) Video story NSS 2021 Wrap up

 Maria Wood has been a long time supporter of ALIA's National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS).

 Maria is about to retire and wanted to go out with a BANG with this years' NSS!

 All classes joined together in their school hall which where she created a dark space for the children to enter into.

They then projected a series of star constellations and galaxies onto the ceiling while ambient space music played in the background. Then they used a rocket timer to excitedly count down to the 'blast off' reading by astronaut Dr Shannon Walker.

Watch this video showing their NSS 2021 story

 Thank you Maria for creating such a special NSS experience for your students to enjoy this years NSS book "Give me some space!" by Philip Bunting and best wishes for your retirement!

Governor General - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Campbelltown City Library - NSS 2021 Wrap up

St Georges Basin Public School -NSS 2021 Wrap up

Joeys Library Adventures - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Hills Family Daycare - NSS wrap up

Bialik College Library - NSS 2021 Wrap up

At school with Mrs Mac - NSS 2021 Wrap up

One Mindful Life - NSS 2021 Wrap up

City of Ryde - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Read the Rainbow -NSS 2021 Wrap up

Mumma_Deb - NSS 2021 Wrap up

University of Southern Queensland - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Michele Rutter, Teacher Librarian Brisbane - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Tararua District Library, NZ - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Oh creative day - of NSS 2021 Wrap up

Goodstart Dandenong - Princes Highway Village

Warrnambool Library - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Bayside Libraries NSW - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Forrest Primary School - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Kylie Walker, CEO, of Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering enjoyed returning to her old primary school to read "Give Me Some Space!"

Burwood Library - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Mornington Peninsula Library - NSS 2021 Wrap up images

Twinkl Teaching Resources -NSS 2021 Wrap up

Stay Classy Classrooms - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Styles of a Librarian / It’s a Librarian - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Echo by Amy - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Teacher Polly - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Maymount Primary School -NSS 2021

Maymount Primary School had a special reading from Professor Steven Freeland from the Space Industry Leaders Forum!

State Library of NSW reading with Governor-General David John Hurley and Mrs Linda Hurley -NSS 2021

Australian National University - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Puggle and nifflers mum -NSS 2021 Wrap up

St Thomas More Primary School - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Earth_emag - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Teach Starter - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Creative Kids Brisbane - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Penrith City Council - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Blast off with Penrith Mayor Karen McKeown OAM and Council’s General Manager Warwick Winn for a very special reading of “Give Me Some Space!” by Philip Bunting for National Simultaneous Story Time!

Newtown Primary School - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Shellharbour City Library - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Condell Park Christian School - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Teaching my Two Little Ratbags - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Emmanuel College Queensland - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Rachael Skyrings world- NSS 2021 Wrap up

Earthlings. I come in peace.
Finding a cosmic observer perspective to present Phillip Bunting's wonderful book "Give me some Space" for National Simultaneous Storytime today at MIC. One story. One million young humans listening. Children's books remind us of the most important messages, the simple ones that we can forget when we become enthralled by adulting. This planet is an astonishing, extraordinary and exceptional place.
*We* are life. We are surrounded by fellow travellers on a thrilling journey of discovery. Settle back, relax and enjoy the mission.

Tigercub684- NSS 2021 Wrap up

Shire of Harvey Library - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Babies from four weeks old up to toddlers of three years old enjoyed a space-themed storytime at Harvey Library on Wednesday morning. Aliens and rockets and stars and clouds and suns and planets were all topics of conversation and song, and a glittering spaceship was made to take home. After regular storytime had finished, everyone watched the NSS story being read by an astronaut in space which was mega-exciting.

Goodstart Kincumber NSW - NSS 2021 Wrap up

For the first time ever, not only will the official story for National Simultaneous Storytime be read by over 1 MILLION kids across Australia and New Zealand on Wednesday 19th May 2021, but it will also be read by astronauts from the International Space Station!

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from a NASA astronaut who told us of her space adventures and taught us a few things about space!

Kerry Muste - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Newman College, WA- NSS 2021 Wrap up

National Simultaneous story time 2021. Wonderful having our Principal 'Captain Finneran' down at the Marian campus reading “Give me some Space” by Philip Bunting

Librarian Gabrielle Cundy - NSS 2021 Wrap up

All Hallow’s School - NSS 2021 Wrap up

This morning’s National Simultaneous Storytime was out of this world! Thanks to @InnovationSarah

for helping our Year 5 #ahsisters read ‘Give me some space!’ by Philip Bunting… and answering lots of questions about planets and space!

Learn and Laugh Randwick - NSS 2021 Wrap up

ISMS Library - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Teacher Miss.S - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Grimwade House, Melbourne Grammar - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Thank you so much for a fantastic event. Our Library and Science service teams teamed up to present this to our Prep-grade 6 cohort.

They all loved it. Please pass on our thanks to Shannon

Best wishes

Ellie Geddis

Grimwade House

Heritage College Sydney - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Our primary staff donned their space suits and became space explorers today for National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS)

Shelly Unwin, Canberra - NSS 2021 Wrap up

My two groups of giggle and wrigglers were a bit on the young side for #BlastOff - which fitted so nicely with the #NSS space theme, but were perfect for #hellobaby so we improvised. We had great fun singing about twinkling stars and zooming rockets though.

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Exeter Primary School - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Civic Square, Canberra - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Chiquitos Family Daycare- NSS 2021 Wrap up

Yuen Yue – mum2raig - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Miss Meg - NSS 2021 Wrap up

White horse Manningham libraries - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Monash Libraries - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Jezilla, Lithgow, New South Wales - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Moreland City Libraries - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Peakhurst Early Learning Centre - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Kinross Wolaroi School - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Librarian Strategic Projects of Stirling

Lakes Grammer - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Trinity Anglican School Cairns - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Librarian Strategic Projects City of Stirling - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Vic Barton and Rachel Jackson

St Nicholas Primary School Tamworth - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Hamilton College - NSS 2021 Wrap up

Naracoorte Public Library - NSS 2021 Wrap up