Library Lovers' Day 2022

About Library Lovers' Day

Remember the wonder you experienced when you first discovered something as a child? Maybe it was an idea, a place in nature, new understanding, or the pure joy of becoming lost in a new imaginary game for hours.

This feeling of childlike joy is the feeling that we're encouraging people to remember this Library Lovers' Day through the theme: 'Show the love'.

It's a day to remember that our libraries are a place where we can get lost in an idea we are following, find an adventure we are seeking in a book, discover more about an issue we feel passionate about or get help from someone about something we want to know. These are all the reasons (and more) to celebrate the valuable roles libraries play in our lives and to re-engage with our libraries and 'show the love'.

Get involved

Ideas for your library (the below ideas can be celebrated in-person or as online events)

  • Check out all the free resources that you can use to celebrate Library Lovers’ Day further down on this page.
  • Host an online trivia night based around the theme of the greatest love stories in history.
  • Host a competition for library users to share their favourite love quote from a book or poem (using the template below) and display them in your library.
  • Who's someone in your community that really displays this 'childlike love' for their craft or work? Invite in some guest speakers to do a talk.
  • Create a Library Lovers' Day display around the themes that people generally loved as a kid (for example, dinosaurs, magic, science, travel). Don't forget to share your results on social media using #LibraryLoversDay so we can all see what you've accomplished.
  • Invite kids to colour-in the Library Lovers's Day drawing (in the resources section below) and display their effort and/or make it into a competition.
  • Encourage patrons to borrow their favourite book (as a young child, teenager, adult etc.) and enjoy the pleasure of reading it all over again or reading it to their children. 
  • Host a movie night, make up some popcorn and showcase some of the great films you have in your collection. 
  • Have a dress up day and dress up as a character you most love. Go one step further and run a costume parade or competition.

Ideas for your communication channels

  • Ask your patrons to send their favourite love quote to you and you can share the best quotes on your social media channels. Don't forget to share your results on social media using #LibraryLoversDay.
  • Encourage your patrons to spread the #LibraryLoversDay by having a competition for the best social media post using #LibraryLoversDay.
  • Change your library’s Facebook or Twitter avatar and/or banner to the avatars and banners available in the resources section below.
  • If you're library has a newsletter, consider adding in a story about Library Lovers’ Day using the free resources below and advertise how your library is celebrating.
  • Don't forget to work with your communications team to prepare a media release, and connect decision-makers and stakeholders with messages about what the library means to their constituents.

Media Resources