Working with Software Vendors ALIA Tutorial

This online video tutorial is provided free to all ALIA members.

Tutorial Overview

This online video tutorial will help you get the most out of your working relationship with vendors in the library and information sector, including how to perform basic software testing, and write useful issue reports.

This ALIA Training Tutorial is provided free to all ALIA members.

This is an autonomous online video tutorial. Register and commence at any time.

Tutorial Content

The 30-minute video tutorial will cover the following topics:

  • Tips on working with software vendors
  • What software testing is and why you should do it
  • How to write test cases
  • How to write useful issue reports

Definitions, explanations, examples and quizzes are included in the tutorial. The video tutorial is supported by a script, and downloadable templates for you to use at your workplace.

Right for you if...

This tutorial is for all library and information professionals that would like to get the most from their relationship with software vendors, and for students and new graduates that want to get an insight into how they could work with software vendors in their future workplaces.

Tutorial Delivery

Once you register for this tutorial, you will be emailed (within 3 business days) the following resources:

  • Link to the video tutorial
  • Script of the video tutorial
  • Downloadable templates for Test Cases and Test Results

You can complete the video tutorial at your own pace at a time that suits you, there are no specific times you need to be available.


The time investment required is approximately 1 hour to watch the video tutorial and complete the quizzes within the video.


Participants require a computer with internet access, and Microsoft Word and Excel to open the provided templates.

This tutorial has been developed and delivered by Niamh Quigley, ALIA's previous WA State Manager.


What to expect once you have registered

You will receive the above resources within 3 business days of registering.


More information

p.    1800 020 071

e.    [email protected]


1/06/2021 - 1/06/2022
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