Australian Library Journal (ALJ)

ALJ publication history 

ISSN 0004-9670 (print), 2201-4276 (online)

Important note: ALJ is no longer published. Previous issues can be accessed through Routledge Taylor and Francis. The Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association (JALIA) is now the premier research journal of the Australian Library and Information Association.

The Australian Library Journal (ALJ) showcased the best of Australian library and information research and practice from 1951 to 2016. Published quarterly, it contained a wide coverage of Australian library issues ranging from ongoing research to day-to-day articles from practitioners in the workplace.

It was the acknowledged flagship publication of the Australian Library and Information Association, supporting the Association's Objects by documenting progress in research and professional practice and stimulating discussion on issues relevant to libraries and librarianship. 

How to get a copy of The Australian Library Journal 

  • Visit a library which subscribed to ALJ to read the journal.

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Past Editors

1951-1953 Officers of the Association
1954-1956 Harrison Bryan
1957-1958 Honorary General Secretary LAA
1959-1970 Jean Whyte
1971-1974 W L Brown
1975-1976 C V Datar
1976-1977 Adrian Read
1978-1979 Officers of the Association
1980-1981 Harrison Bryan
1981-1990 John Levett
1991-1995 Michael Talbot
1996-2006 John Levett
2007-2009 Ian McCallum
2010 Helen Partridge
2010-2013 Ann Ritchie
2014-2016 Ross Harvey

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