During Global Goals Week (17-26 September 2021), ALIA and partner peak bodies for libraries launched stretch targets for the sector to achieve by 2030, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

These targets have the support of the ALIA Australian Public Library Alliance, the Council of Australian University Librarians, and National and State Libraries Australasia. They will be monitored by the ALIA International Relations Advisory Committee (IRAC) and will help track our progress across ten areas of development, from literacy levels through to engagement with the Asia Pacific region. baseline report against the target was released in 2022, and future reports will measure progress against this report. 

Read the Sustainable Development Goals: Stretch Targets for Australian Libraries 2030

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda is a framework of 17 Sustainable Development Goals which span economic, environmental and social development.

Several of the goals align perfectly with the work that many libraries are already undertaking, including ‘Access to information’ under Goal 16. As many libraries are community spaces, providing access to services, information and resources which supports education and access to information.

While the SDGs are universal goals, each country is responsible for developing and implementing national strategies to achieve them and will be expected to track and report progress. As these national plans are developed, libraries are in a unique position to create initiatives which promote the SDGs and foster change in their communities.

Since 2017, ALIA has worked with Federal and Local Government, GLAMR institutions, library leaders, and relevant organisations to promote and further these goals.

ALIA has also signed an international advocacy agreement with IFLA, which commits the Association carry on advocacy work on how libraries are helping Australia, and the rest of the UN Member States, achieve the SDGs.

ALIA has submitted responses to reports on the SDGs including the Senate Report on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, released in February 2019, which referenced ALIA’s submission.


ALIA has also produced several resources and reports.

These resources include the following:

You can also access the UN'S free SDGs resources and you can see the the Open Working Group on the goals 

ALIA also supported a team from Victorian public libraries with their project Share your stories with the world. The report showcases examples of how public libraries around Victoria are delivering programs that connect with the SDGs.  


Updated 11 November 2021