Introduction to Research and Research Methods

Introduction to Research and Research Methods

Course Overview 

Acquire and develop an understanding of how to conduct research in a practice-based Library and Information Science environment, which will provide you with the skills and confidence to undertake your own research project.

The focus of this course will be learning the fundamentals of what research is in the LIS context and why it is important for our sector, along with an introduction to selected methodologies, methods, and data analysis techniques. The course is designed for people with limited or no prior knowledge of research or research methods, but will also be of interest to those wanting to develop their knowledge further. By the end of the course, you will have developed your very own research proposal.

This is a six week professional development unit. You will receive a certificate of participation upon successfully completing this course.

Course Content

This course consists of 6 modules with a time commitment of 3-4 hours per module. 

Module 1: What is research and why do it? – overview of the importance of research to the LIS sector; major research paradigms; defining the research project; developing the research question(s)
Module 2: How to do research – discover the primary methodologies and methods used in LIS research
Module 3: Data collection techniques – selecting the most appropriate way to collect your data
Module 4: Selecting research participants; Ethics; Data Management Plans (DMPs) – how to decide who should take part in your research; completing ethics requirements and data management plans.
Module 5: Data analysis – outline of different data analysis techniques; brief overview of NVivo (qualitative data analysis software)
Module 6: Presenting your research – final report format; where and how to disseminate your work

Right for you if...

You want to increase your understanding of the research process, and/or you want to undertake your own research to facilitate informed decision making in your library service.

Course Delivery

Contact with facilitators will be through online forums on Moodle (the online Learning Management System used by ALIA for this course).

Participants may choose to have access to NVivo software for Module 5 (free trial option available), but this is not mandatory in order to complete the course.

There are no specific times you need to be available. 

In partnership with ...
Our training partner for this course is Information Education Australia (IEA). IEA provides creative, innovative and up to date training for LIS professionals.

Enrolment closing date:

Monday 22 August


Cancellation Policy

Registrations up to 3 weeks prior = full refund
Registrations between 1-2 weeks prior = 50% refund
Registrations cancelled 1 week prior or later = no refund
Registrations can be transferred to other individuals at no cost (in the same registration category).
Contact [email protected] for information.

CPD Hours

30 hours

Hardware & software requirements

A computer with internet access is required for this course.

When do registrations close?

Monday 22 August, 2022


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