ALIA-UC Media Literacy for LIS Professionals

ALIA-UC Media Literacy for LIS Professionals

The University of Canberra, supported by ALIA, is offering a seven-week flexible, self-paced online Media Literacy course for librarians, teacher librarians and other library staff such as library technicians and library assistants. This is the fourth intake of the course, and the second in 2023. The course has been updated to include issues around AI in the library and information sector. 

Media literacy is essential for all citizens to navigate the current environment of misinformation and disinformation. A recent survey of Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) Members by the University of Canberra found that 73% of the respondents believe libraries have a responsibility to educate others about media literacy.

The course will help you develop critical-thinking skills around the use of media, and will encourage you to consider and develop an online package for educating others as you progress through the course. By the end of the course you will:

  • Understand the social and digital media environment
  • Know how to verify information, distinguish news and facts from rumour, advertising and opinion
  • Understand how online advertising, marketing and strategic campaigning and advocacy persuades and influences
  • Identify misinformation, disinformation and media bias
  • Identify and understand how to protect yourself from scams and keep yourself safe online
  • Develop strategies for teaching media literacy knowledge and skills
  • Understand key concepts surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Explore current trends and issues driven by AI in the LIS sector
  • Review and document key resources in the field for ongoing education

The course aimed at those who teach media literacy to students and the public, including librarians, teacher librarians and other library staff such as library technicians or library assistants. It comprises of 50 hours of learning over the seven weeks, including your own reading and activities.

For more information see the UC course page or contact: [email protected] or [email protected]


The course starts on Monday 9 October and concludes on Friday 24 November 2023. Please register your interest or request more information at: [email protected]

ALIA Members: AUD$495 / Non-ALIA Members: AUD$595



1.When do I register?

The course starts on 9 October 2023 and runs for 7 weeks. Please register on our short course website 


2.What is the course about?

We focus on contemporary media literacy and how LIS professionals can adapt the content for their own clientele. The course topics include, but are not limited to, areas like media landscape, media literacy, mis/disinformation, and artificial intelligence (AI) in information literacy. 


3. What are the types of learning materials?

The course content consists of academic research, grey literature, and contemporary news and information. We provide a variety of learning activities including short video lectures (with transcripts), quizzes, interactive learning material, and online discussions.


4.How much time do I need to take this course?

The course requires about 50 hours of self-paced learning over 7 weeks. This includes all activates such as readings, interactive content, discussions, and lectures.


5.What is the assessment like?

There is no grade-based assessment for this short course. There are self-reflective discussions with peers and teaching staff throughout the course.


6.How do I stay connected with my peers?

The Canvas online learning platform provides a discussion forum for you to share your learning journey and connect with others. In addition, the course offers 2 real-time seminars (around 1 hour each) for peers-sharing during the course.


Simply take the following four steps to embark on your journey! 


Monday, 09 October 2023 to
Friday, 24 November 2023
9:00 am AEDT
ALIA Members: $495, non-ALIA Members: $595
50.00 CPD Hours