Code of Ethics Information Session

Code of Ethics Information Session

ALIA has drafted a Code of Ethics for the Australian LIS Workforce and it's now open for public consultation

We are hosting an information session for ALIA members to discuss the Code of Ethics, why it matters, how the project developed, and how you can get involved! We will be joined by ALIA President Jane Cowell and LIS Workforce Advisory Board Chair Geoff Strempel. 

The Code of Ethics is intended to be representative and supportive of the entire LIS sector, so everyone in the sector, ALIA members and non-members alike, is invited and welcome to the information session and to contribute feedback, with the aim of creating a Code of Ethics that embraces the sector’s diversity and unites the workforce in ethical practice.

The draft Code of Ethics takes the IFLA Code of Ethics as its base, and develops a uniquely Australian approach. Each of the eight clauses contains a description of the clause, highlights the related ALIA Core Values and elaborates and illustrates the clause with a number of action examples. Institutions will be encouraged to tailor the resource to their needs.

This is a great opportunity to ask all your questions about the Code of Ethics from experts who have overseen the drafting of the document. 

Registrants will receive a Zoom link for this event the day before.

Wednesday, 19 June 2024
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm AEST
1.00 CPD Hours