Workshops and Networking

Pre-conference workshops

HUE. Colour of the conversation

This workshop is an engaging and interactive session designed to develop literacy, empathy, and understanding of race related issues and identities, and improve safety andsupport for people of colour in your organisation, movement or place of work. It is appropriate for a range of knowledge levels & experiences and creates a safe environment for real conversations about race and racism. The second part of the workshop converts your newly developed understanding of race and racism into practical skills that can be applied to your specific workplace setting. The session is strength based, future oriented, and focused on skills and strategies, to turn the talk into action.

Experiential and exponential learning to build digital dexterity

Our ways of working have needed to diversify as pandemic impacts continue to rock our world. Digital participation is now core to the GLAMR sector modes of practice. Navigating digital spaces and platforms is an embedded part of work life, regardless of whether your role is focused on team engagement, project flow, connecting to stakeholders, exhibitions, teaching and learning, collection management or a multitude of other GLAMR areas. To thrive in our current work ecosystems, to be active participants, the cultivation and evolution of digital dexterity is now critical. What has emerged as a sector wide challenge is how do we build this digital dexterity and enable widespread learning with sociological change in our work communities? More than this, how do we do this and still respond to the diversity of learning needs and communication preferences? This submission proposes to delve into these questions by shaping an experiential workshop that focuses on the role of communication and shared learning in developing digital dexterity skills. Using experiential learning and the concepts of exponential learning as a stimulus, the workshop will group participants into project teams that will respond to a collaborative design challenge of creating a digital wellbeing resource. What will diversify in the design challenge is that project teams will be split into digital, non-digital, and blended-streams. Additionally, different constraints will be experienced by the project teams as wildcard moments (such as communication barriers, technical difficulties, change of platforms or redeployment of team members) are added during the team project time. The workshop will initially ground participants in exponential learning theory and design thinking approaches. Each project team will then be supported through the design thinking stages by either in-person or digital facilitators. The culmination of the workshop day will involve project team sharing with broader community a rough prototype of their digital wellbeing resource. As part of encouraging reflective practice and building our understanding of exponential learning in work teams, participants will be encouraged to anonymously share on a digital whiteboard or post in physical feedback boxes any frustrations, joys, learnings or threshold moments experienced throughout the workshop. Finally, this workshop will be facilitated by CAUL’s Digital Dexterity Champions and intends to stimulate participant engagement across a diversity of digital dexterity areas. The facilitators will share their lived experience of learning within a community of practice, where digital dexterity is seen as an exponential domain. The facilitators will also explicitly position this workshop design as an outcome from a group culture that fosters innovation and experimentation, highlighting how exponential learning emerges from collaborative discussion, shared learnings, and co-ideation.

Data-driven library and information research from within the practice

As an increasingly important part of evidence-based practice, data and data analytics are becoming increasingly essential within the Library and information context. In this workshop at ALIA 2022, we will talk about the use of data in all aspects of library and information research and practice, including gathering evidence to inform user services. We, at the ALIA RAC, invite all academics and practitioners from different research fields and library sectors, to come together to collaboratively think about ways through which we can solve real-world problems through data-driven LIS research. This hands-on workshop will include some scenarios and real-life examples on how to use this data (both qualitative and quantitative) in your own everyday professional practice.

Writing for publication: Preparing an information-in-practice paper

Writing a journal article for the first time can be daunting. As editors of the Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association (JALIA), we have had a range of experiences working with both practitioners and academic authors. In this hands-on session we will work with library and information professionals on the fundamentals of writing for publication, including how to get started and the essentials of the publishing process. We will discuss what makes a good practice-based paper, including how to consider implications for library and information professionals and researchers beyond your organisation. In this interactive workshop, we’ll spend time brainstorming and thinking about how to turn your ideas into academic writing, including structuring and developing your argument. Our presenters will share their experiences of the scholarly writing process, including responding to reviewer comments and feedback. Lastly, we will provide specific tips about the information-in-practice paper format in JALIA which offers a valuable stepping stone to longer form writing. This workshop will benefit practitioners who are new to academic writing but want to share workplace innovations, initiatives and projects with the sector. If you already have an idea for a paper, bring it with you. Even if you don’t, come along to plan for the future and meet other likeminded professionals with an interest in gaining more experience in this area.

Pride in Diversity

This interactive workshop comprises three modules suitable for anyone who in interested in learning more about the LGBTQ community and workplace inclusion. The sessions will give participants an understanding of what an ally is and how we can be allies in the workplace and beyond. Topics covered include

  • - LGBTQ Awareness
    • an overall understanding of why LGBTQ workplace inclusion is important to an organisation
    • a level of comfort around terminology
    • challenges often faced by LGBTQ employees
    • awareness of the impact that a culture has on the lived experiences of its employees
  • Empowering Allies
    • The role and importance of allies
    • Key actions allies can take
    • Myth busting
    • The importance of ally visibility
    • Calling out problematic behaviours
  • Deep Dive into Gender and Sexual Orientation
    • The diversity of genders
    • Some of the challenges trans & gender diverse people face
    • Gender Affirmation
    • Myth busting
    • Sexual orientation – identity, attraction & behaviour

Networking, tour and satellite events

Welcome Reception

Tuesday 17 May 2022 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Ticket inclusive with registration

Kick off your conference experience at the welcome reception!

This will give you the perfect chance to absorb your first day, meet, and catch up with peers as you enjoy some refreshments and get access to the exhibitors you've been waiting to meet.

Conference Dinner Autumn Ball

Wednesday 18 May 2022, 7:00pm - 11:00pm

As the days grow shorter and the air gets crisper, let us all gather together for a cosy night full of celebration and warmth. As we welcome in the stunning cityscape as it plunges into hues of red, gold, russet, ochre and crimson as the exotic trees transform.

Come dressed in your finest evening attire to suite that rich, warm colours that come along with the autumnal season. Get ready to bring in the night with friends and colleagues all while enjoying seasonal food and buzzing entertainment.

This evening is a time to bring together people to celebrate and enjoy the opportunity to be able to all gather, learn and connect while letting your hair down and dancing till you can’t dance anymore. This dinner is the perfect opportunity to build new professional connections as well as re-connect with colleagues and industry partners. Surrounded by fellow conference attendees you can get to know your industry in a low key, relaxed environment.

Don't forget to have your photo taken at the photo booth and share them online using the hashtag #National22.

Farewell reception

Thursday 19 May 2022, 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Ticket inclusive with member registrations only

Bid farewell to Canberra and celebrate all the great experiences shared in the week past.

Walking Tours 

We have organised some great tours around Canberra to give delegates the opportunity to explore some of the great places that Canberra has on offer. Please note you have to register for each tour as spaces are limited. Head over to the registration site to either update or complete your registration.

Australia National University Library - 11:00am - 12:00pm 

National Gallery of Australia - 12:00pm - 1:00pm 

NH Fisher Geoscience Library 1:00pm - 2:00pm