Keynote Speaker

Tara Cordina

Tara Cordina is currently employed by Canterbury Bankstown Libraries as a Children's & Youth Technical Specialist. She is responsible for Program Planning especially early literacy and all facets of library inclusion programs for ages 0-18 years. She has an 9 year old daughter with a disability. In 2019, Tara worked with a local special education school on a library Storytime program and subsequently craft and library sessions for another school. She was also a Girl Guides leader for two decades with girls 5 to 18 years, some of whom have disabilities. She has been involved in the Libraries as Community Connectors project very actively as a champion in her enthusiastic Local Government Area, as a member of the project's Advisory Group, and as a contributor of resources. She has published in her field including a social story on Greenacre Library and a guide Inclusive Storytime Sessions aimed particularly at those including children with sensory processing disorders. Her qualification is an Advanced Diploma Library Technician (High Distinctions) and she has attended many trainings on working with children with a disability. Tara says: “….up until 2019 CBCity hadn't been as inclusive as we should be….Libraries are supposed to be for everyone and unfortunately our Library wasn't accessible to our large special need's community, so I wanted to change that by providing support and programs that make our libraries a safe space. Finally, I wanted to ensure that all our staff are comfortable in making their spaces inclusive to all.“