Keynote Speaker

Rochelle Quigley

I am a newly graduated Master of Business Information student with a Library and Information Science specialisation. While studying at Monash University, my ultimate aim was to learn to make libraries safe and welcoming places for all of the community, which culminated in me undertaking a research thesis focusing of the LGBTQ+ library perspective during my last two semesters. While my content and speaking experience is contained to my university degree, I received excellent marks and feedback – plus incorporating new and enthusiastic voices to this conference is part of diversifying the current library landscape. I also bring my own life experiences as an LGBTQ+ library professional to the conversation, which as detailed from my research allows for a deeper understanding of the issues for the LGBTQ+ community within libraries, as well as drive and deep connection to improving and fostering safe and diverse spaces, policies and practices for both LGBTQ+ patrons and library staff now and in the future. The process and approach of my research has granted me additional confidence within myself, as engaging with others about my research has allowed me to be more open about my identity and pushes me to seek out ways to share and discuss diversity and inclusion in libraries. I look forward to further contributing to the library space in this way and hope to undertake roles that consider diversity and inclusion within libraries as the utmost importance.