Keynote Speaker

Meredith Beardmore

Meredith Beardmore is a liaison librarian at Melbourne Polytechnic. Her liaison areas cover vocation and higher education courses in the arts, education, and IT, though she has regularly worked with students and faculty in other areas, including community services, and EAL (English as Additional Language). Meredith is passionate about critical information literacy and how libraries can empower their users. In 2019 she led a team that explored the impact of delivering STEM services to English learners in informal library settings. This study resulted in a paper and presentation at the 2020 VALA conference. In 2021 Meredith wrote an article for the March/April edition of INCITE exploring the incompatibility of YouTube's Terms and Conditions with Creative Commons licenses. In September 2021, she delivered a lightning presentation on practice-led research at the IAML Australia (International Association of Music Libraries) conference. In addition to her library work, Meredith is a musician and writer in two self-directed music ensembles: The Muses' Delight, an historically informed performance ensemble that focuses on 18th century music; and Tapsalteerie, a quartet that performs original music inspired by Celtic, folk, and jazz traditions.